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Holiday Travel
CNN News
December 26, 2005

HOWARD: But another thing is TripAdvisor. Have you ever been to TripAdvisor? Neat site. TripAdvisor is where your fellow travelers tell you a hotel may be rated three stars but it's really a place that the rats carry the furniture around.So you find out what people really think about a hotel by going to TripAdvisor. And it will steer you right.

O'BRIEN: So people have used it, offer up their own little reviews?

HOWARD: Exactly.So you look for the compilation of reviews. You could take the best hotel in the world and somebody's going to be somebody who just no matter what you give them they're not going to like it. But if you see review after review that says the hotel stinks, I don't care how many stars somebody gave it, you go with what the TripAdvisor fellow poster said.

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