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Aviation Suisse de loisir
6, rue De-Candolle
p. a. Etude d'avocats
Tel.: +41797503954
URL: http://www.aviation-suisse.ch
Correo electrónico: info@aviation-suisse.ch
Association of private pilots and aircrafts owners, which provides flights on private aircrafts and low costs, from or to Switzerland.Association de pilotes privé et propriétaires d'avions, qui propose des vols en avions de tourisme à prix coûtants, de ou vers la Suisse.
Tel.: 33450872109
Correo electrónico: info@cyclomundo.com
Cyclomundo is a one-of-a-kind travel company offering a wide array of self-guided, guided, and customized "A la carte" vacations for independent riders, families, friends, or groups in virtually all regions of France as well as some regions in the neighbouring countries of Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Based in France, Cyclomundo was born out of its founder's life-long love of cycling and emanates the philosophy of utilizing local experts, as well as adhering to the concept of sustainable development.

Geneva - Switzerland Audio Travel Guide
URL: http://lodingo.com/_product_14969/Geneva_-_Switze...
Download your free Geneva travel guide and start planning your trip now. It is packed full of information by professional journalists about things to see on and off the beaten track. Travel Guides contain comprehensive visitor information on city attractions and tourist traps.
rue de saint-jean 90
Tel.: +41792976193
URL: http://www.check-to-rent.com/en/
Check-to-Rent - Holiday rental checking agency is the 1st Internet website to propose an independent check of the premises before signing a holiday rental contract. It verifies the accommodations clients have already selected in the Internet. Original concept of the Inspection Visit (before the Booking). An impartial and customized service to decide what must be verified on the spot according to priorities and needs.