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Enlaces oficiales
Vehiculos VIP
Carrera 23 #68-22
7 de agosto
Bogotá 11000
Tel.: +57 (1)2114949
Fax: +57 (1)2114949
Correo electrónico: info@vehiculosvip.com
Car service - Limo service for transfers, tours, per hour and per days rentals.We drive you comfortably and securely day and night. A unique service in Bogota (Colombia).Our vehicles are the latest models from luxury brands. Our drivers speak English. They are trained to optimize your stay in Bogotá and make it enjoyable. Our service include local mobile phone, 24h logistic support and Bogota airport meet and greet.

Compañías turísticas
Tours of Colombia
Tel.: 360 460 0364
URL: http://www.toursofcolombia.com
Correo electrónico: mcouhig@gmail.com
Tours of Colombia offers both personal tours and group excursions. We provide safe, fun and affordable half-day, full-day and two-day tours of Bogota and the surrounding towns and villages, including Zipaquira, Chiquinquira, Villa de Leyva and Paipa. You can choose one of our established itineraries or we will work with you to create your custom tour.
Colombian Travels
Av. Jimenez 5-16 Of 303
Bogotá 110000
Tel.: +61 425 634 502
Correo electrónico: contact@colombiantravels.com
Discover the real Colombia with Colombian Tours. We specialise in adventure tours, custom tours and travel services for all regions of Colombia including Bogota, Cartagena, Tayrona, Santa Marta, Villa de Lleyva, Medellin and the Coffee Region. We are committed to providing our customers with authentic, responsible tour experiences.
Destino Bogota
Calle 110 no. 9 - 25 (ofc. 917)
Bogotá 0057
Tel.: (+571) 7534887
URL: http://www.destinobogota.com
Correo electrónico: info@destinobogota.com
Our Mission: Help travellers to get the most out of Bogotá. We are aware of the huge offer of our city and that there are activities for every taste, age and budget. We are here to help you planify and execute your trip in Bogotá and suroundings. We are direct tour operators and we have an experienced and super firendly staff. Let us be your hosts.
Astuviaje Gourmet
carrera 13A #104-22
Bogotá 00001
Tel.: +57 300.366.4490
Fax: +57 (1) 483.1044
URL: http://www.astuviaje.com
Correo electrónico: gourmet@astuviaje.com
astuviaje gives you the opportunity to explore Bogota's rich, flavorful culinary traditions. We will take you on a journey through Bogota's most iconic and traditional restaurants, teaching you how to cook amazing dishes through hands-on classes and share with you our coffee tasting experience. If you would like to continue your culinary adventure beyond Bogota, astuviaje offers culinary travel in Armenia - Quindio and Cali as well as countries such as Peru, Argentina and Chile.
Makuna Ecotravel
CL 79 No. 7A-77
Bogotá 57
Tel.: 57-313-8859839
URL: www.makunaecotravel.com
Correo electrónico: bogotasurroundings@gmail.com
We offer excursions to natural and cultural sites that surround Bogota, Colombia. These sites include the Nemocon Salt Mine, Guatavita Lake, Neusa Park, Chingaza Park and Chicaque Park. Our day trips are all hosted in English. Join us in our unique experiences with nature!
Segway Tour Bogota R4R
Calle 92 No. 15 - 78 Loca 02
Bogotá 057
Tel.: 57 3183547639
URL: http://www.ready4ride.com
Correo electrónico: reservas@ready4ride.com
Undobtedly, segway machines are the most enthusiastic and fun devices around the world: high pure technology that serves mainly to have fun.A segway tour is to pay a sum of money for some fun and exciting times, and above all, for cultural and historical learning.Are you ready to come with us? are you ready 4 ride?
Riding Colombia
transv 2 no 67 22 of 604
Bogotá 10001000
Tel.: 5713451107
URL: http://www.ridingcolombia.com
Correo electrónico: hrivas@ridingcolombia.com
We are a company settled in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Ridingcolombia offers customized ecotourism experiences in the departments (or regions) of Cundinamarca and Boyacá. Our destinations are closely to Bogota, between one and three hours driving distance. We are focused on organizing customized ecotourism plans for foreigners, based mainly on horseback riding plans from one to several days. This can be joint with hikes and car visits to natural views and places.
Mantaraya Travel
Calle 93 No 13 - 31 of 101
Bogotá 12345
Tel.: 1 877 260 8632
Fax: 571 256 8387
Correo electrónico: info@mantarayakayak.com
We are an experienced tour operator in Colombia, South America leaders in providing travel packages, offering over 30 unique destinations in Colombia.We will be able to organize every aspect of planning your tour to Colombia, complete with hotel bookings, air bookings, activities transfers plus provide you with an itinerary that suits your personal requirements. MANTARAYA takes the hassles out of planning and booking your Colombia vacation.All off our itineraries are done with experienced well-established tour companies and hotels where we have handpicked the best from each of these companies making sure you get the best possible experience in Colombia.
Hansa Tours
K 17 A Num. 106 - 36
Bogotá 11001
Tel.: 5716379604
Fax: 5712158766
Correo electrónico: erik@hansatours.com
Hansa Tours is a company specialized in receptive tourism. Our main goal is to provide tourist services to all those interested in learning about the city of Bogotá and its surroundings. we have a professional and bilingual tour guides. We offer you a custom-made service consisting in diversity of tours, both in- and outside the city, transportation door to door, hotel-airport-hotel.We are confident that our services will fulfill your entrepreneurial expectations, enabling us to support your efforts.
Bogota tours
17 No 2-37
Bogotá 51
Tel.: (+57)(1)2826313
Correo electrónico: toursbogotravel@hotmail.com
BOGOTRAVEL WILL MAKE YOUR VISIT THE BEST EXPERIENCEIn Bogotrave the tourist get rid of all the predigies and has the oportunity to enter in direct contac with people and its culture. We show you deeply the unexpected; because Bogotravel doesn't make you feel a foreign, Makes you feel as a Colombian who lives, feels and enjoy, and expect the unexpectand because that´s enriches the life. COLOMBIA THE ONLY RISK IS WAITING TO STAY JUST DO IT
See Colombia Travel
Calle 152 #9-80
T. 3 Of. 402
Bogotá 011101111
Tel.: 1-(800)-553-8701
URL: http://www.seecolombia.travel
Correo electrónico: jlpastor@seecolombia.travel
A team of professional travelers passionate about Colombia providing custom-made tours with Colombian warmth and International standards.
La Quinta Tours
Calle 58 A No. 14-A-39
Tel.: 347.661.8183
URL: http://www.laquintatour.com
Correo electrónico: info@laquintatour.com
La Quinta Tours is a fully professional tour operation that brings you the best of beautiful Bogota and Melgar through unique walks, bike tours, and more adventuresome mountain biking.
Explora Bogota
Avenida Boyaca
Cra 72 No. 23-24 B14 -104
Bogotá 01
Tel.: 312 2093364
Fax: 571 4161519
Correo electrónico: info@explorabogotaonline.com
Information and tour services for visitors in Bogotá, Colombia.city tours, salt cathedral, Bogotá´s surroundings, night time.Información y servicios de recorridos para visitantes en Bogotá, Colombia. city tour, catedral de sal, alrededores. vida nocturna
CityGo Tours
Lagos de Cordoba
Calle 117D #58-50 Torre 2, suite 207
Bogotá 0000
Tel.: 57 1 6436334
Correo electrónico: catalina.gerencia@citygotours.com
CityGo Tours, to know, live and feel Bogotá. Our company offers to local and foreign visitors’ receptive tourism through the most beautiful places in Bogotá. There are plenty of to discover: corners, paved alleys, smashing restaurants, parks, museums, excellent commercial areas, wonderful people and majestic architecture. Do not remain without living and feeling Bogota, a great capital framed by the oriental hills.
Cr 79 no 127 c 40
Bogotá 111121
Tel.: (+57) 317 442 64 53
URL: http://www.xploremos.com
Correo electrónico: info@xploremos.com
Xploremos, is an adventure and extreme sports tourism company, with over 5 year`s of experience and excellent trajectory. We offer great destinations all around Colombia, in which you can enjoy the nature and practice sports like: Rock Climbing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Scuba Diving and many more. With a high qualified and friendly Staff that will provide you the best service.
Zafiro Tours Colombia
Cra. 10 N°2019 Of. 1109
Bogotá 110311
Tel.: 571 467 2541 Ext 500-501
Fax: 571 467 2542
URL: http://www.zafirotourscolombia.com
Correo electrónico: gerencia@zafirotourscolombia.com; contacto@zafirotourscolombia.com
We start talking a little Cormorant Divers, Business tourism Tours Colombia Sapphire, we are lovers of the sea, marine life and diving.We are a Scuba diving, technical diving and water activities with Operations Base in Cartagena, Santa Marta and San Andres, Cartagena central offices where we handle the different operations, covering great start from the north coast of Colombia, our experience covers over 15 years of consecutive dives, with a vast knowledgeWe offer water activities for everyone, professional and holiday
The Colombian Way
Av Chile Torre B
Cerrera 7 No. 71-21, Oficina 1301
Bogotá 111345
Tel.: 57-1-325-1202
URL: http://www.thecolombianway.com
Correo electrónico: info@thecolombianway.com
Round trips, day trips, and tours throughout the country. We´ve got Colombia covered.
Discover my Colombia
Calle 13 # 2
Bogotá 12345
Tel.: 571 2829421
URL: http://www.discovermycolombia.com/
Correo electrónico: info@discovermycolombia.com
"Discover my Colombia" focuses on high-quality budget tours of Bogota and its surroundings such as the salt cathedral of Zipaquirá and the Guatavita Lake. We also offer bicycle rentals and tours, free walking tours, bogota sightseeing, and a pub tour for an overview of bogota nightlife.
Morel Local Travel Operator
Calle 120 A # 5 - 02
Tel.: +57 (1) 492 96 55
URL: http://www.morelocal.co
Correo electrónico: info@morelocal.co
Welcome to More Local, your Experiential Travel Operator in Colombia. We are a group of travel aficionados committed to promoting cultural tourism, community-based tourism and eco-tourism in Colombia. We are all about highlighting the human aspect of travel.
Camino Bogotano
calle 45 #25A-48 apt 307
Bogotá 111311
Tel.: +57 300 2240289
URL: http://caminobogotano.wordpress.com
Correo electrónico: caminobogotano@gmail.com
We plan hiking, in Bogota mountains and surroundings. If you want a hiking about 5 to 8 hours, contact us about 15 or 20 days before the activity.We can make hiking if you contact us with one or two days before.Find our public schedule weekend hiking, just type in a browser "Camino Bogotano"
Camino Bogotano
calle 45 #25A-48 apt 37
calle 45 #25A-48 apt 37
Bogotá 111311
Tel.: 057 3002240289
URL: http://caminobogotano.wordpress.com
Correo electrónico: caminobogotano@gmail.com
we plan hiking in bogota mountains and surroundings.If you want an special hiking about 5 to 8 hours, you can contact us before 15 days when hiking is going to be.We can plan small hiking with one day before it occurs.We have a public schedule of hiking, you can find it in facebook or our blog, just type "Camino Bogotano" in google.

Propiedades en alquiler / Multipropiedades / Propiedades en venta
cabanas los almendros capurgana
calle 64 #11-26
Bogotá 0
Tel.: 571-2112819
Fax: 571-2482510
Correo electrónico: capurgana@inversionesbari.com

Viaja Por El Mundo Web S.A.S
Cra 15 No 88 - 64 Oficina 721
Tel.: + 571 618-5476
URL: http://www.viajaporelmundoweb.com
Correo electrónico: operaciones@viajaporelmundoweb.com
Viaja Por El Mundo Web / Nickisix360 SAS, NIT 900069323-6, is headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, Cra 15 No. 88-64 Office 721 and was founded in 2006. We are a tour operator, whose primary function is to identify our customer needs and according to these, to his taste and lifestyle, providing quality services to all our clients, always innovating. Offering customized products that allow our customers to have an unforgettable experience.
El Solar Shuttle
Bogotá 0000
Tel.: 57 1 4755033
URL: http://www.elsolarshuttle.com
Elite Car Service Bogota
Cra 7D # 127-47
Tel.: 3175005954
URL: http://www.elitecarservicebogota.com
Correo electrónico: info@elitecarservicebogota.com
We are an exclusive, reliable and secure car service company tailored to meet your needs while in Bogotá, Colombia, offering airport pickup, point-to-point, city tours and city-to-city transportation services.All of our vehicles are air conditioned mid-sized sedans monitored by OnStar satellite service for your safety and security. In addition, all vehicle windows are protected by 3M ultra secure film, designed to make them glass shatter-resistant.Additionally we offer:• Unlimited Incomming calls.• Free Internet Access upon request.• Business magazines and local newspapers.• On board soft drinks and snacks.Concierge services are also available for a small fee to recommend you restaurants, plays, local events and tourist attractions so that you may count on reliable, local advice.
All Travel And Services
cra 94 a n. 91 - 23
Bogotá 01819
Tel.: 5361106
URL: http://www.alltravelandservices.com
Correo electrónico: info@alltravelandservices.com
Travel Agency and Tour Operator Wholesaler Romantic and exclusiveColombia. We organize all kinds of travel itineraries, excursions, transportation and rental properties in different cities of Colombia and, Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta and San Andres. We provide personalized services, taking into account the tastes and travel preferences of each traveler.Agencia de Viajes Mayorista y Operadora de Turismo Romantico y exclusivo en Colombia. Organizamos toda clase de itinerarios de viaje, excursiones, transporte y alquiler de propiedades en diferentes ciudades de Colombia como; Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta y San Andres. Prestamos servicios personalizados teniendo en cuenta los gusto y preferencias de viaje de cada viajero.
Confort Rent a Car
Av Calle 116 No 70D-14
Av Calle 116 No 70D-14 Of 201
Bogotá 11001000
Tel.: 8112172 ; 4640834 ; 321 415 3291 ; 311 233 1383
URL: http://www.confortrentacar.com
Correo electrónico: info@confortrentacar.com
Welcome to CONFORT RENT A CAR, which offers the best support to mobilize your business and tourism management.Bienvenido a CONFORT RENT A CAR, donde encontrará el mejor apoyo de movilización a su gestión de negocios y turismo.
Kuna Colombia
Cra 12A # 79 - 26
Bogotá 100221
Tel.: 57-311-529-2554
URL: http://kunacolombia.com
Correo electrónico: info@kunacolombia.com
Kuna Colombia is made up of a group of dedicated professionals based out of Bogotá, Colombia, who are committed to satisfying the complex and unique needs of foreign business or leisure visitors in Colombia. Kuna Colombia can provide travel assistant guides who are keen to share their knowledge, experience and expertise. We serve two customer groups – business and leisure travelers.