Trekking in Cocuy a nice experience with a guide

Swiss Traveller

Recently I have visited Cocuy, Mountains are amazing, I think it is an unique place, full of nature and life. I did a 6 days trek, but not the all around trek, because it is not allowed now...well I hired a guide with very nice English level and with a high professional performance. My trip starts in Bogota, where i met with my guide and talked about my plans, then together we organize the is nice because I don't like just to hire a guide and wait for everything....then we went to Cocuy by bus and 11hours later we arrive in El Cocuy, an small town just with basic things...there we hire a jeep and we went to the mountains...

We visited: Pan de Azucar and Pulpitos, Paso del Cusiri, Laguna Grande, Concavo, Hacienda la was an amazing experience...then i recommend you to visit that place...and one advice is you should organize everything with enough time and start with a bus in Bogota...

The name of that Guide is Jaime Tinoco and i have to say that He is a really good one, speaks nice english and knows about european people feel confortable.

If you want to contact him:

Enjoy Colombia...I love this country.