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Sur l'échafaud
Desde jul 2005
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5 feb 2012   París   What's wrong with the 7th arrondisement?
4 feb 2012   París   I still have questions after reading 90 pages of posts.....
3 ene 2012   París   What's the prettiest region to spend 5 days with great food
17 dic 2011   París   Shakespeare & Co. bookshop
16 dic 2011   París   Shakespeare & Co. bookshop
1 dic 2011   París   Your Favorite Arrondissement
9 oct 2011   París   When is the rainy days supposed to end?
9 oct 2011   París   Should I Fear for My Life if I Take a Taxi In Paris? Huh?
5 oct 2011   París   nearest hotels
22 sep 2011   París   paris to barcelona train
13 sep 2011   París   Assistance needed - sue hotel for the robbery
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26 ago 2008   París   Tobago to Venezuela
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27 sep 2007   Clermont-Ferrand   alojamiento economico
23 abr 2007   París   Berthillio's ice cream
20 sep 2006   París   Unsafe areas to avoid due to riot possibility?
18 sep 2006   París   Any info on Greek Orthodox Churches?
25 ago 2006   París   Le Sergent Recruteur
6 ago 2006   París   Best boat ride on Siene River for family with teens
19 jul 2006   París   Ripped off on taxi ride for CDG airport to hotel
11 jul 2006   París   How far is Euro disney from Paris and how do I get there
16 may 2006   París   Just got this email in French...what does it say????
16 may 2006   París   Just got this email in French...what does it say????
14 may 2006   París   Euro coins on first arriving?
8 may 2006   París   pickpocketing in paris
2 may 2006   París   Unwelcomed furry friends in LaDuree and elsewhere
1 may 2006   París   Unwelcomed furry friends in LaDuree and elsewhere
30 abr 2006   París   Unwelcomed furry friends in LaDuree and elsewhere
24 abr 2006   París   further clarification on RER and metro
25 mar 2006   París   Hotel in Montemarte
24 mar 2006   París   Le Monde or Le Figaro?
18 mar 2006   París   Money in Paris...HELP?
16 mar 2006   París   Easiest way from RER "B" To Hotel
22 feb 2006   París   Driving In Paris
29 dic 2005   París   Creperie in or near the 16th?
26 dic 2005   Venecia   Car Parking
22 dic 2005   París   Getting married in Paris on a budget