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Vive en Frankfurt

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I travel a fair amount, probably about 15-20 trips a year, mainly within Europe but also the occasional long distance trip. There are three things I look for in any hotel in stay in (regardless of the standard): a clean room, a quiet room and a good shower. My ratings are based on these. They will go down if any of these expectations are not met and will also go down if the hotel does not meet the standards one would expect, i.e. I would not expect more than these from a 1 star hotel but expect a lot more from a 5 star. Tripadvisor has become one of my key resources when I am looking for hotels and I would like to contribute to this by posting reviews of the places I stay in. My hometown of Frankfurt is a wonderful city. Most people don't really know it and go straight to the more popular places in Germany. I am happy to provide advice and ideas to those people who are interested in spending some time in Frankfurt. You won't regret it even though apple wine might not be your thing!

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