Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Mashkinonje Provincial Park, Killarney

Mashkinonje Provincial Park
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Muy bien

Denise Desmarais
1 contribución
In need of maintenance
ago. de 2021
We enjoyed the short trail on the East side of hwy 64 at the London Peatland access point a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to check out the longer loop at the Blandings entrance on the West side of the hwy.

This trail may have been nice at one time, but right now it's in a terrible state of disrepair. There's a map of the trails at the parking lot and tacked onto it there's a small notice saying that the trail is partially closed because the bridge is flooded. We decided that we'd walk to the bridge and if it was impassible we'd turn back.

We managed to get across the bridge, but that was an adventure that took about 30 minutes of moving floating boardwalks with branches and propping boards up with logs and sticks, as well as jumping from one portion of the bridge to another. We still ended up walking through swamp water up to mid-calf, but were happy not to have fallen in.

Not far after the bridge there's a nice beach with a modern, well-maintained dock where we took a break and enjoyed the views of Lake Nipissing. It would be a great place for a swim. Because the notice at the beginning of the trail only mentioned the bridge as a problem we thought we'd be okay after that, but the entire trail looks like it hasn't been maintained in years.

There were some nice lookouts, but the trail was rough and narrow and we could see it was going to take many hours to complete it, so we decided to cut across the middle on the Atakas Trail, and that's where conditions got really bad. We had to climb over a lot of fallen trees, and there several places where we lost the trail because it's so overgrown. We wandered around in the forest until we stumbled on a sign or a boardwalk. The trail looks like it was well marked at one time, but several of the trees with blue markers have fallen down or other trees have grown in front of the markers so we couldn't see them. The boardwalks have broken boards and are covered with shrubs, and one even had two beaver dams built over it. Thankfully, we had taken a picture of the trail map because there is a junction about half-way through and no posted map to go with it.

I don't know what the top part of the main trail would have been like.

Also, the map doesn't seem to indicate the length of the big loop, but I had read somewhere that it is 12.6 km, but I think it's more than that because we didn't do the whole thing, and our GPS says we walked. 14.5 km.
Escrita el 17 de agosto de 2021
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Toronto, Canada1.249 contribuciones
Nice hike at the park!
ago. de 2020
My wife and I recently went for a hike here while vacationing at a nearby cottage. The park was easy to find and well layed out. The path was nicely marked and we saw a plethora of foilage both in the marsh and wooded areas. It's a primarily flat and comfortable 2.9 km walk and a nice way to burn a few calories as well!
Escrita el 2 de septiembre de 2020
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Toronto, Canadá22 contribuciones
Great trails
jun. de 2020
Great trails with a lot of information about wildlife in this area. You will find clear markers, maps, bench at spectacular places to enjoy beautiful views. Plus - at the entrance you will find washrooms, big map with good explanations. So - don't wait! Summer is coming!
Escrita el 20 de junio de 2020
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Toronto, Canadá25 contribuciones
Great hike / trails
jul. de 2019 • Parejas
Great hike with lots of blue markers that marked out the trail. Quiet and not overpopulated. Some areas were a little overgrown but nothing that was too difficult to pass. We started at the Blandings Access point, went up Samoset Trail to join Heron Trail then went back down via Bobcat > Atakas trail. Went past some marshlands, which had broadwalks - great hike but LOTS of mosquitos during summer so remember your bug spray!
Escrita el 2 de julio de 2019
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Edward W
Thunder Bay, Canadá1.639 contribuciones
ene. de 2017 • Parejas
We got put on to the idea of visiting here thanks to a blog from a blog from Ontario Parks about snowshoeing. While we visited another park on our snowshoeing weekend (Windy Lake, northwest of Sudbury) this was by far the better experience of the two. Snow covered bogs and frozen beaver ponds made for beautiful vistas and the path itself, while not lacking in obstacles, was not too challenging. We were also the only people there which was pretty nice, to have the park to ourselves.
Escrita el 23 de enero de 2017
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Ottawa, Canadá75 contribuciones
Such a wonderful idea but it needs attention
ago. de 2016
This is a fascinating park in a unique environment just off highway 64 in the French River area. There are a couple of great walks here and we were told this has been maintained by volunteers. Recently decided to do a more ambitious walk which ended up in disappointment as it is so completely overgrown so as to be impassable. Would be good if the Government of Ontario could upgrade the status of this park to give it the attention it merits. Congratulations to the dedicated volunteers who worked so hard to get this place going. If we lived closer we would join in. Helas!
Escrita el 3 de noviembre de 2016
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