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Pirate's Cove, Providenciales

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Filadelfia, Pensilvania40 contribuciones
ene. de 2021
First of all - if you are not planning on cliff jumping, then probably not worth the effort. Much nicer beaches (Grace Bay, Long Bay) that are far easier to access. However, for the adventurous this is great fun - with some important planning tips to keep in mind.
- The road there is a 9km stretch over rocks and unpaved dirt - you need to be in a jeep/SUV. Small car can make it but you're risking damage or a flat tire (we had one so I know!). Very little traffic so if you do get stuck, you might be there a while.
- Once you park at the dead end, trail to the left climbs through undergrowth and passes a small inlet and cave opening with a ladder that one swims around to after leaping from the top of the rock. Pay attention to your route - coming back down, the path is not as clear to see.
- The climb up to the top requires stepping on highly calcified (i.e. sharp) rocks - you need to wear shoes. We were in beach sandals and I ripped mine on the way down and it wasn't fun. My feet still hurt 4 days later.
- Would suggest this for teens and up - pre-teens might be too young (of course, you be the judge for your own kids ability) for the climb and the jump.
- Ideal is to have one person with a camera take pics of others jumping - then walk down with their stuff to the cave/ladder - then swap and go back up to do the jump as well. Don't miss out - it's a blast. If you're taking video - do slo-mo - much better than the 2 sec real-time drop (and you always have the option of that setting)
- It's a swim back to the inlet but not tough. Moderate swimming ability will get you to the shallows where you can stand and walk before another very short swim to the beach. If you're less confident, then jump slightly towards the right (since that's the direction you go afterwards) without leaping out too far - don't worry, it's deep enough.
- Drive back is about 30mins before you get back to a paved road. Make sure you have enough daylight left to do it before dark. Probably not the best drive when you can't see and avoid all the rocks ahead.

Those are all the watch outs - most of the reviewers talk about how nice the place is and the photos show you why you should go. Enjoy!
Escrita el 11 de enero de 2021
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Chris N
3 contribuciones
feb. de 2020 • Familia
Rent a Jeep. You will understand later. Use Google and find Pirates cove on a regular map. Pop up the satellite view and print it out. Ok. Getting closer. The road is bumpy. You will pass the salt flats and the cotton trees. When it gets crazy you. You are getting close. Park your Jeep. Leave the doors unlocked and take everything with you. You will want at least three people. Two to jump and cover each other for the swim around the rocks back to shore. One to tend to your belongings and bring your shoes back to you. Brihgggod tennis shoes. The hike at the end of the trail is as hard and jagged as I have ever seen. Hike to the two tallest rocks to the left. When you see a ladder going into the earth. Go down and check it out. It's nothing special. It is your way out after you swim back around the cliffs. Ok. Ow keep going to the highest spot. It's the farthest point to left. Now got to the Highest point on the left side. There is a rock that looks like a tree stand at the end. It looks like it has been cut and cook fall off. It won't. Make sure you are a good swimmer. It looks to me to be 50 ft. It's alot taller than Rick's Cafe in Jamaica. Be careful, be a good swimmer. And.......jump. do you want to live forever?
Escrita el 5 de febrero de 2020
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Ann B
Kenosha, WI50 contribuciones
feb. de 2020 • Parejas
Hubby and I parked at Split Rock and hiked the trail to the top. The climb down the ladder was easy and we were the only ones there. It was beautiful water and view. It was a shame that we found a bottle of bleach and other garbage that we picked up. We then walked in the water back with no difficulty.
Escrita el 2 de febrero de 2020
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Wilmington, North Carolina, USA2 contribuciones
jul. de 2018 • Parejas
I would like to save travelers from doing the dumb thing I almost did that could have cost me my life. My husband and I (with no prior research) had planned to drive our rental car close to this beautiful / isolated attraction and then park and walk the rest of the way. No one indicated that this was anything other than interesting and beautiful.
However, the DAY BEFORE we were planning to do this, a tourist doing the exact same thing was ambushed by masked gunmen, robbed and shot/ killed while hiking to the cove.
The local criminals know that pirate's cove is beautiful and that it is a common tourist destination. They also know you probably have credit cards, a nice camera, cell phone and cash.
My advice is to NEVER consider going here unless you go with a large tour group on a boat excursion. We went with Ocean Outback Adventures later and had a blast but too many people are killed here trying to do it alone. Safety in numbers my friends
Escrita el 16 de junio de 2019
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Taylor O
Arlington, VA31 contribuciones
may. de 2019 • Parejas
So as other people have mentioned, its quite the drive out there but I was able to do it in our little tuna can rental care by taking it pretty slow. It's fairly easy to find, even if you do take the Millenium highway route (I saw others recommend going by the airport, but this was my first time in Turks and wanted to make sure I didn't get lost at the airport). It is COMPLETELY secluded - no one for miles. The water is amazing, and jumping off of split rock was worth the trip alone. I'd say it's about 40 feet or so into deep water. Great place for some piece and quiet, but for us it was more of a half day sort of trip than full day. go out, do the jump a few times, take some pics, head back. I would recommend jumping with shoes on as swimming around to the cove requires stepping on/over some sharp rocks. Great adventure and excuse to get out of Grace Bay for a little bit!
Escrita el 15 de mayo de 2019
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Scott T
Douglasville, GA71 contribuciones
dic. de 2018 • Parejas
It was quite the drive to this location but so worth it. Short hike was easy. The views are once in a lifetime experience. Very remote and a lot of untouched land and beaches. Great day trip or even for a short trip.
Escrita el 2 de diciembre de 2018
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Jeff G
Guelph, Canadá196 contribuciones
sept. de 2018 • Parejas
It’s a long drive to get there no matter what road you choose. Both roads are challenging (we drove on both of them) but the road past the airport is more passable in a tiny rental car.

Anyhow once finally getting there you see a remote beach with a few tourists having a good time. Meanwhile you are wondering why you left the beach at Grace Bay to go there. I guess it’s just the adventure of it, just to see something different.

If you’re into that, go for it.
Escrita el 27 de septiembre de 2018
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ken h
Woodstock, GA20 contribuciones
sept. de 2018 • Familia
The berry was absolutely worth the squeeze. Went with family group of 10 (safety in numbers). Take Millenium Hwy to Tom Lightbourne Rd and turn left on Tom Lightbourne. Travel 5.9 miles on rocky bumpy gravel/dirt road. When the passengers get uneasy keep going. You’re almost there. Road dead ends at the most beautiful beach you’re likely to find. If you are tempted to make the jump from split rock just know that hitting the water feels like meeting the linebacker in the A gap. Not for faint of heart.
Escrita el 21 de septiembre de 2018
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Alastair T
Moroto, Uganda59 contribuciones
ago. de 2018
When you speak to people on the island they all say.... "Pirates Cove and Split Rock..... that's a long journey!" It is for the Turks and Caicos, but when you plug it into google it is just 30mins away or 15km. So it is not actually that far away and the journey is well with the effort. The road is dirt but quite passable in a small hire car and if you take the Norway Road past the end of the Airport runway you have a wonderful drive along the edge of the bright blue salina. The cave is not that spectacular, but nice and interesting and the jumping rock beyond the cave was far too high for me to even think of launching myself off - but the early 20's we were with enjoyed! But what is most nice is the small beaches, rocks, peace... and "away from the crowd" feeling that Pirates Cove offers. So, don't listen to the locals.... go for it and enjoy the 30 minutes drive.
Escrita el 31 de agosto de 2018
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James K
Wilmington, Carolina del Norte65 contribuciones
ago. de 2018 • Amigos
My friends and I followed the advice and review from 730Tom and had no issues. We took a small rental car to get there. While the road was rocky and had plenty of pot holes we were able to get out there in ~40 min once leaving from the airport area. A hidden beach so we saw maybe 10 people there the whole time. A small hike to get to split rock but no problem.
Escrita el 13 de agosto de 2018
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