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A relaxing holiday on the Murray in SA.
may. de 2017
Nuestro grupo de 8 disfrutamos bastante tiempo precioso de distancia (3 noches) a bordo de la casa flotante Southern Sun. Alquilamos desde Kia Marina, 8 km río arriba de han. Mannum Los gerentes era amable, nos dio la información necesaria y las instrucciones y cuando un par de problemas surgió, eran disponibles y serviciales. Nuestra casa flotante tenía 4 preciosas habitaciones, 2 baños, 1 en la lavandería y el volúmen de una cocina más amplia, salón y comedor. Estaba muy bien amueblada y la cocina, bien equipada con todo lo necesario, es decir, vasos, vajilla, cubiertos, etc. La televisión mostró Foxtel. Nos encantó el spa en la terraza de arriba, que le dedicaron unas vistas impresionantes del paisaje. Aparte de algunos asentamientos, tierras y casas del río, vimos lagunas bordeadas de eucaliptus, impresionantes acantilados y abundantes aves tan doradas como pelícanos, cometas, patos autóctonos, y una variedad de aves acuáticas y zancudas. Golondrinas eran una delicia, ya que alrededor del movimiento barco darted. En mayo, el Murray es tranquilo y calmado. Días soleados y noches frías, suaves y con niebla temprano por la mañana. Fuimos río arriba unos 40 kms antes de volver. Una noche disfrutamos de una fogata en Landing tornillos - un lugar más pintoresco. Un consejo es pedir el director para un mapa lista/lugares de amarre posible, mostrando como nos parecieron un poco difícil de encontrar, ya que cañas se ha multiplicado en los últimos meses. En general, unas fantásticas vacaciones para rejuvenecer y pasar tiempo con la familia y amigos.

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Muy bien

Ruth G
Victor Harbor, Australia44 contribuciones
jul. de 2021 • Parejas
Wigley Flat Retreat is just what a couple needs for a secluded break with absolute River Murray frontage.
Elspeth and Graham Radford have been highly imaginative in restoring a stone settlers’s cottage in the style of the late 1890s, while providing great comfort with up to date mod cons.The verandah has an outdoor setting for dining and a Weber bbq, while 2 hammocks provide the perfect way to relax.Located between Waikerie and Barmera and only 15 mins from Banrock Station.
Highy Recommended
Escrita el 3 de julio de 2021
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Janet B
Doncaster East, Australia1 contribución
abr. de 2021
Think twice before booking with Luxury on The Murray Houseboats. it is definitely not luxurious. The boat is very dated and in need or repairs and new furniture. The hot tub took hours to heat up.
That being said it was actually the mice that dominated the holiday.

This holiday with friends had been well planned and much looked forward to.

Unfortunately want we did not expect, was to have the company of many, many mice. We were given no warning that this may happen. In all we caught 17 mice on a 5 day trip, with many more still to be heard in the walls and in the kitchen area. They got into our food, our bags, ran across our pillows, in the oven and in and around the kitchen area.

The owner, upon our return and subsequent emails replied with the following comments: 'you have blown this up due to your phobia & are making it a far bigger issue than it is' also, 'I can't guarantee you won't have mice on your boat, in the past I've had snakes, spiders, mice and birds on the boats over the years and as you are out n the bush, no-one can control this'

His reply to my email was rude, condescending and inconsiderate towards our experience. My concerns were dismissed as being unfair and silly (they are the words used in his email)
My friends and I have never experienced this kind of customer service.

Luckily for me my friends are resilient and supportive and we did manage to have a great time regardless of this interesting experience.
There are many houseboat companies on the Murray, I would avoid this company 'pardon the pun' like the plague.
A houseboat on the Murray is an awesome experience, thoroughly recommend it - just choose the company to book with wisely.
Escrita el 10 de junio de 2021
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Perth, Australia16 contribuciones
may. de 2021
I have spent nearly five decades saying "I'm Gunna do a cruise up the Murray river" but always ended up visiting some other country. What a pity. We (two Sandgropers) have just spent a wonderful fortnight in South Australia and I have to put the River cruse at the top of the list. It was well organized and the staff were really the best as they could not do enough for you. It could be cheaper if you book in a group. Two other rips were to the Barossa ( again a "gunna do") and Kangaroo Island, was an unexpected bonus. The fires destroyed much of the island in 2020 and it is wonderful seeing the healthy re-growth, even though it is sad to see the burnt out trees. Every Australian should plan a holiday, or two, in Australia, during the next year. No huge flying costs and no $1000 insurance payments for us senior's! David Schokman.
Escrita el 16 de mayo de 2021
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Pam J
Adelaide, Australia6 contribuciones
abr. de 2021
Having had 13 years of houseboating experience along the Murray River in South Australia, with no problems at all - a week on a houseboat from Foxtale Houseboats at Morgan can only be described as extremely disappointing. The attached explains .....
[ Briefly - because of restraints of this Review - 3 toilets blocked one after the other on consecutive days necessitating digging of trenches on shore - as well as a problem with one of the outboard motors.]

Arrived back at Foxtale property around 5.00pm on 26th April 2021

No Jodie !!!! No ‘anyone’ !!!!


We had no problem with the cleanliness of the houseboat and the facilities which were fine. Unfortunately they have done themselves a real disservice and let themselves down with their poor Customer Service.
An acquaintance also had one of their boats around the same time, and mentioned they had a problem with one of their engines, and a blocked toilet/smell from the bedroom they weren’t using.

[Total mileage – 104 kms]

8th May 2021

Dear Jodie

Recognising the fact that it was Anzac Day we returned and your commitments with the RSL, it still seemed rather disappointing that as it was later in the day, you weren’t able to meet us when we returned to have a chat.

Pam & Malcolm Jowitt

PS - The reply from the owner of Foxtale Houseboats when I sent through a very detailed Report of the whole week, was a simple - 'Thank you for your Feedback' signed J.. !!!!!!!
Escrita el 9 de mayo de 2021
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Kevin W
3 contribuciones
abr. de 2021 • Amigos
8 of us went on a 5 night trip that commenced on 7th April 2021.

The first night onboard we were upstairs by the spa when we saw two mice running around on the top deck.

After going to bed our friends caught a mouse that had climbed into their bag. Once in bed we found it difficult to sleep as we heard lots of mice running around in the walls and ceiling. The next morning we got up to find mice had been in the Cupboards, eating lots of our food!!

After calling the maintenance man to provide us with traps he arrived with two traps as he told us there was a mouse plague in NSW and they were difficult to get hold of.

To cut a long story short during the four days we set traps we caught 17 mice with no end to the numbers in sight. We were told they couldn't put bait down as that would leave them dead in the walls.

My friend sent a letter of complaint to the current owner David who told her he did not feel it necessary to inform us of the mice onboard as he had done all he could to mitigate the issue and blamed her phobia of mice for making the issue bigger than it actually was!!!!

We were all just appalled with this reply. If we had known prior to going on the trip that the Houseboat was infested with mice we would have cancelled and spent our money on a hotel.

Despite any phobias, our clothes were used as a toilet our food was eaten and our sleep disrupted, plus my wife was woken twice with mice on her pillow!! Just disgusting.

Apart from the mice issues the boat was dated and in need of repair. We had roller blinds that did not work, bedroom doors that wouldn't close, a heater that smelt (cooked mouse), and ran out of gas.

While I know that this review will put people off going on these 'Luxury Houseboats' until the new owners can address these problems I would not recommend anyone going on a trip with this company.
Escrita el 22 de abril de 2021
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Jane Doe
1 contribución
ene. de 2021 • En solitario
Has a really nice petting zoo - 5 stars
Would recommend
Please visit for all the zoo animals that need attention
Escrita el 8 de enero de 2021
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Greater Melbourne, Australia25.196 contribuciones
nov. de 2020
The river is at its best and most beautiful around Mildura and take the walk along the river front and you can see it at its best.
Escrita el 14 de noviembre de 2020
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Leigh W
Sídney, Australia31 contribuciones
nov. de 2020 • En solitario
I was a little bit worried about taking this cruise being somewhat younger than the average passenger. I need not have worried as the Cruise company had me at the dinner table with all of the younger passengers (by younger I mean under 60). And they did well with matching us because we had the best time. Food was good and offshore activities great fun, especially the onshore BBQ and the visit to the Ngaut Ngaut archaeological site. I even managed, somehow to be upgraded to a stateroom, which was especially nice. I was sad for the cruise to end.
Escrita el 8 de noviembre de 2020
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Adelaide163 contribuciones
ago. de 2020
The Unforgettable 12 “Parachilna” is written up as something pretty special and I am sure at one stage it was and it has the potential to be once again. We are on our first night out and have been looking forward to THIS particular house boat. We have done 2 other Unforgettable house boats in the past and have enjoyed them.
Sadly this house boat is in need of overdue maintenance as it appears to have been neglected. It isn’t a disaster by any means but surely the owners can see what we have seen within the first few hours.
Two of the front blinds are a mess. They are torn and the strings on one of them which raise and lower them are broken so we couldn’t lower the blind. The other blind was crooked and all misaligned. A vent in the ceiling was in need of repair but has obviously been ignored. About 8pm in the evening the whole boat shuddered so much we initially thought something had collided with us. As we looked around we realised it was the generator which had started to charge the batteries. The generator itself was reasonably quiet but the associated cooling water pump was quite noisy and had us quite worried about its condition. The generator finally shutdown after about 45mins and once again the whole boat gave quite a shudder as it shut down. I hope it doesn’t start during the night as I am sure it will wake all aboard.
We still have 4 days to go and I expect we will make the most of it and enjoy our time aboard with our friends but I have to say that first impressions are disappointing given what our expectations were.
Escrita el 10 de agosto de 2020
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Caloundra, Australia4.643 contribuciones
mar. de 2020
Visited various times when we stayed at Gol Gol. The Murray River is something you can't miss when you visit Mildura and the surrounding area. As you travel around you get to see it from different angles and I enjoyed it the best while watching the paddle steamers going by.
Escrita el 7 de julio de 2020
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