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Tachiz Travel Costa Rica
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Tachiz Travel™ is a legally established Costa Rican company, based in Barva de Heredia, Costa Rica, since 2002. We are a small, dedicated and efficient family owned and run business fully dedicated to consistently providing excellent services to the high end, highly discerning travelers who are seeking authentic, unique to Costa Rica, life enhancing “gourmet” Travel experiences of a lifetime.
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Barva, Costa Rica
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Tachiz Travel Costa Rica
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5,0 de 5 burbujas29 opiniones
Muy bien

Duke D
1 contribución
5,0 de 5 burbujas
feb de 2024 • Familia
The entire trip was amazing and the places Tachiz Travel chose for us were great. We went to Arenal Manoa Hotel for 3 nights to visit the Volcano area. Travel agency provided all transportation with personal driver and then a boat trip, hiking, sight seeing, zip line and kayaks. Hotel was wonderful with beautiful pool and great food. Then went to Nosara for 3 nights and stayed at the Lagarta Lodge. Awesome hotel with beautiful views of the beach with great pools and food. I would highly recommend using Tachiz Travel for all your needs and they have great suggestions. The price was reasonable and using their transportation is highly recommended over renting a car. Go to Costa Rica....Pura Vida!!!
Escrita el 1 de marzo de 2024
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17 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
dic de 2023 • Familia
I cannot say enough good things about the team at Tachiz. It's not just that they arranged an amazing Costa Rican adventure for me and my family (and the trip was amazing), but it's the service they provided that really made everything so seamless.
The amazing service began during the planning stages, where the team worked with us to build a travel itinerary that fit our timing and budget (not easy given that it was the Christmas holiday season, and we got a late start in planning). Based on our expressed interests, they provided a menu of options for us in each region of the country. When we had questions about various excursions, they were quick to respond to questions, and happy to provide recommendations for us, based on their intimate knowledge of the activities and providers. In the week leading up to the trip, they provided a detailed itinerary, as well as instructions on what to expect when we landed in San Jose.
The incredible service continued once we were on the ground in Costa Rica. Alex and his daughter met us at the airport, and welcomed us with a gift of local chocolates. He introduced our driver, and went over the itinerary with us. We exchanged WhatsApp information, and he encouraged me to text/call at any time with any questions, issues or feedback.
From the airport, we made our way to Manuel Antonio -- with a stop for lunch and fresh fruit along the way. We checked in to the Mariposa hotel -- and into a lovely room with panoramic views of the ocean and a magnificent sunset. It was my birthday, and the Tachiz team arranged for a lovely fresh fruit tray to be sent to the room, as well as dinner reservations at the Papillion restaurant that evening.
After three days in Manuel Antonio, we were driven to La Fortuna/Arenal (a long drive) and checked in to the Manoa Arenal -- a large resort with excellent facilities and incredibly responsive service (we called to ask for a roll-away bed, and within 2 minutes, 3 people showed up with the bed and sheets). While we were in Arenal, we messaged the Tachiz team with questions about potential changes to the itinerary (including changing the time of a couple of activities, as well as adding an activity) and they responded within minutes -- and made all of the changes happen!!
After three days in La Fortuna/Arenal, we headed to Monteverde for a couple of days at the Poco a Poco resort -- a lovely property in a great location. We enjoyed a couple of days in Monteverde before heading back to San Jose for our flight back to the States. On the drive back, Alex called to thank us for entrusting our trip to Tachiz -- but I had to stop him, as it was really us who needed to be thanking him for making the trip so enjoyable (and so seamless)!!
Escrita el 1 de enero de 2024
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7 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
dic de 2023 • Parejas
Tachiz Travel truly lived up to their words by providing us and our friends with "an Adventure of a Lifetime." I don't need to repeat details from recent reviews, but they were truly professional, flexible and outstanding in their selection of hotels, drivers and local tour guides. When our flight was delayed several hours and we arrived at San Jose Santamaria International Airport after 1:00 a.m., they were waiting for us with smiles and gift packages.

Each hotel was memorable, from the Parador in Manuel Antonio with its infinity pools, monkey trail, monkeys, macaws and wonderful dining, to La Senda in Monteverde with its incredible views and environmentally savvy approach (no sugar or ketchup packets or plastic straws) and extensive, no-charge mini bar and snacks, to El Silencio del Campo with its magnificent hot springs, on-site farm and a spa where we enjoyed a couples massage that was one of the best we ever had.

All of our local tour guides were excellent, and each activity unique and memorable. The chocolate plantation visit, the many national parks - Cararas, Manuel Antonio and Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Aerial Tram, the visit with the Maleku indigenous tribe and the Arenal Hanaing bridges were all special and full of memories as we continue to look at our photos and share our experiences with our friends.

Thank you so much, amigos, for this wonderful adventure in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!
Escrita el 15 de diciembre de 2023
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2 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
ago de 2023 • Amigos
Tachiz Travel went above and beyond. My luggage was delayed and they personally contacted the airlines to locate my luggage and coordinate its delivery. Every trip detail was taken care of so that we could focus all of our time and energy on enjoying Costa Rica. Highly recommend.
Escrita el 25 de octubre de 2023
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13 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
ago de 2023 • Parejas
Perfect attention-to-detail from start to finish: They were very responsive and prepared during the planning process. They had a variety of activities to choose from and endorse locally owned and environmentally responsible companies with small groups, not big tour buses. The first part of the trip was just with my husband, and I met up later with friends. They listened to the type of trip I wanted during the planning process, listened to respective budgets, and delivered accordingly. When we arrived we were greeted promptly by Alex and his team, we received Costa Rican chocolates and a small painting from a local artist, it was such thoughtful detail. Tickets and passes for activities were all purchased in advance. I have never seen so much wildlife in such a short period of time, it was such an incredible experience and our guides had the most insane stories about tarantula killing blue wasps, sloth moths, ants that feed leaves to a fungi, and millipedes with cyanide. We saw lizards that walk on water, cappuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, an anteater, a humpback whale, toucans, a butterfly with transparent glass wings, and a volcano that still steams. Don't get me started on the plants, the chocolate, and coffee. I could have spent a month there.
Managed complications and details: They tracked delays in our flight to manage ground transportation. When our luggage from the airline was delayed, Tachiz took care of it, and arranged it to be delivered to our hotel located hours away from the airport. During the trip we messaged them that we wanted to add some activities, and they responded within minutes and added it seamlessly. One of our group wanted to sit out for an activity, and Tachiz noticed and messaged us to check if everyone was ok. It was so relaxing to trust someone else to look after all the planning.
Hotels were vetted: They listened during the planning process and the hotels were perfectly selected for what I needed for the couples trip and then later for the friends trip. I didn’t see Arenal's Amor Hotel when I was researching on my own, and I’m forever grateful to Tachiz for recommending them, it was one of my favorite experiences.
I’ve travelled a lot, and my experience with Tachiz travel far surpassed all of my expectations, and I would travel again with them in a heartbeat.
Escrita el 26 de septiembre de 2023
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Travis T
Wichita, KS3 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
ago de 2023 • Parejas
Tachiz travel did awesome job. Great communication and check up on us frequently. Even called on my ride back to airport to be thank us for coming to Costa Rica and for using them. Would rec and would use again.
Escrita el 2 de septiembre de 2023
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1 contribución
1,0 de 5 burbujas
sept de 2022 • Familia
I purchased a “trip of a lifetime” for my family through Tachiz Travel Costa Rica. Unfortunately flying was haulted by covid 19 Pandemic. I was told that my trip would be honored for a year, but covid continued and restrictions and health and safety concern were still at hand. Tachiz travel refused to make accomodations to honor the $6k I paid them for a trip. Initially, they told me they suffered a great loss as a business. And repeated attempts to contact them have been met with a lack of response. When I posted on social media, they attempted to publicly humilate me and published pieces of my Emails communications with family details and my concern for requesting a refund. Since they lacked a response or negotiations, I had concern and lost trust in them as a business to manage and carryout the family trip we paid to have.

As a professional travel agency, you have a duty to honor the paid experience or refund the client!

As the consumer, I expect to get what I paid for or be reimbursed! I suggest that if Tachiz Travel future clients raise concerns with this lack of diligence and trust in Tachiz ability to carry out the terms of an agreement that Tachiz does everything to fulfill the terms of the agreement, instead of ignoring paid clients or humiliating them publicly. Don't take it personal Tachiz, I paid you for a product you have yet to produce or compensate me for.

Ultimately, I have yet to receive a refund on the trip of a lifetime my family paid Tachiz over $6k dollars to experience.
Escrita el 2 de agosto de 2023
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor realiza comprobaciones de las opiniones.
In your case, the entire amount of your adventure has been forfeited as per our terms and conditions. We also have fully documented records from all our vast correspondence exchanges from these 3 and a half years. We reserve the right to use them as we deem necessary: We never received your new dates for rescheduling your trip. What we did constantly receive were your e-mails and voice messages demanding a full refund despite the fact that, when the Covid-19 Pandemic and its lock-downs hit Costa Rica, we had already fully pre-paid all your hotels and services for your enjoyment as we have respectfully explained to you over and over during the course of these three and a half years. These hotels and other suppliers in Costa Rica had no income and no income in sight for most of 2020. You also repeatedly threatened us with hurting and damaging the reputation of our company and team, which you have continuously done. You have also continuously told us how we should and must run our business over and over. The full refund you have insistingly demanded was never an option from our kind suppliers here in Costa Rica. Actually, one of the hotels in your itinerary no longer exists as such. In reality, the payment you made was for under 5K, not for 6K as you now claim, and we had actually given you a special price since you had been referred to our company by a dear friend of ours. Please also note that yours was not the only Adventure of a Lifetime interrupted by this Covid19 pandemic, lock downs and restrictions. We actually had many bookings in your situation. The vast majority of them chose to reschedule their Adventure of a Lifetime with us and they did so up to even 2 and a half years after their original scheduled departure. A few of them decided not to enjoy it and they collected their travel insurance instead. We have always strongly recommended short-term life and trip cancellation insurance to our travelers just as we recommended it to you in writing. We would never, and in fact have never attempted to humiliate you in any way whatsoever, but again we do reserve the right to use all evidence available to us to prove your continued defamatory accusations to be false.
Escrita el 24 de agosto de 2023
Esta respuesta es la opinión subjetiva del representante de la dirección, no de Tripadvisor LLC.

Bobbi F
1 contribución
5,0 de 5 burbujas
abr de 2023 • Amigos
From the minute we began planning our trip to Costa Rica, the polished professionals from Tachiz Travel could not do enough to make our vacation an amazing adventure. First, they crafted a custom itinerary just for us that enabled us to comfortably visit all the key areas we specifically wanted to see in the two weeks we had to spend (Tortuguero, Arenal, Cano Negro and Monteverde). Next, they chose very fun, very comfortable properties for us to stay at (such as the Aninga Lodge and the El Silencio del Campo Hotel) and offered us a wonderful selection of private tours and excursions, each with an incredibly knowledgeable local guide. We explored beautiful rain forests and lush jungles, saw monkeys, crocodiles, sloths, lizards, birds and more. We went ziplining in the treetops and unwound in luxurious hot springs. And every aspect of our trip was seamless. If the itinerary said the driver would be in the lobby at 7:10 a.m., he was there at exactly 7:10 a.m. Costa Rica is a lovely country filled with warm, friendly people and fascinating animals. I can’t think of a better way to experience this magical place than with the pros from Tachiz Travel.
Escrita el 15 de mayo de 2023
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor realiza comprobaciones de las opiniones.

Mill Valley, CA4 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
feb de 2023
Tachiz Travel arranged a truly wonderful vacation for us. The hotels were absolutely wonderful--beautiful accommodations, terrific staff and great food and drinks. All of our drivers and guides were friendly and professional. We had an extensive choice of activities in each of the areas we visited, which allowed us to see and do what we most enjoyed. The wildlife, birds, frogs and lush scenery exceeded our expectations.
Most of all, we appreciated the amazing care shown by Tachiz Travel during every step of our vacation to ensure that we were picked up on time and that all was well. They met us at the airport with chocolate and delivered Prosecco to our breakfast table on Valentine’s Day in Makanda! The rest of the diners wondered if we were some kind of celebrities.
Escrita el 21 de marzo de 2023
Esta es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor realiza comprobaciones de las opiniones.

3 contribuciones
5,0 de 5 burbujas
feb de 2023
We had an amazing trip to Costa Rica that was largely made better by Tachiz Travel. We were met at the airport by Alex and his wife with a small gift to make us feel valued.
The following day we had some complications that Alex and Francisco immediately accommodated for the rest of our trip making what would have made for a poor experience. Alex truly cared that our experience was exceptional and he went to great lengths to show it.
Costa Rica is an amazing place full of variety in flora, fauna, culture and climate making Hawaii seem boring and I would highly recommend Tachiz Travel as a guide to helping you explore it.
Escrita el 27 de febrero de 2023
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