Little Yosemite Valley

Little Yosemite Valley, Parque Nacional de Yosemite

Little Yosemite Valley
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BEWARE of nighttime BLACK BEAR food raids in Little Yosemite Valley!
may. de 2017
Si está "pasando" en su camino hacia los pasamanos de los cables Summer de Half Dome, todavía debe tener cuidado con la comida y la posible basura. Históricamente, desde principios de los años 70 cuando lo atravesé por primera vez, LYV ha sido INFAMOSO para los mochileros principiantes que "roban" sus alimentos a muchos osos negros locales y que su viaje terminó temprano. Trabajando en el Curry Village Mtn. Compre, no puedo decirle cuán común era vender suministros un día y ver a la misma gente de nuevo quejándose de "osos que masticaban a través de nuestra cuerda para colgar" y "osos bebés subían pequeños árboles para agarrar nuestra bolsa colgante de comida de un ¡rama! " En 10 años de vivir trabajando y mochileando en el parque, nunca tuve problemas con los osos que conseguían mi bolsa de comida o Very Common, tirando por los lados de las malolientes puertas de mi auto por la noche para investigar en el estacionamiento de "huerto de manzanas" de Curry Village. donde siempre esparcí en secreto polvo de chile rojo en las puertas de mi automóvil y alrededor de mi automóvil. Sí, algo de buena suerte, probablemente. Evitaría acampar en LYV. ¡Pero incluso he tenido amigos con mochilas llenas de comida, durante el día! , ¡en illouette se cae la vista panorámica en el Camino del Panorama desde Glacier Point a Nevada Falls y Vernal Falls! Los osos en YNP se han acostumbrado a gritar chillidos de marihuana - ¡golpeando ataques de comida, como la opera mientras comen! Tal vez los guardaparques te permitirán llevar y usar el aerosol de pimienta dentro del parque. A menudo me sorprendí a mí mismo y me embarqué en senderos serpenteantes, así que empecé a silbar mientras caminaba y ataba una pequeña campana en el interior del país. Nunca colgué mi comida cerca de mi tienda. Nunca jamás. En LYV, el show nocturno de osos se puso tan mal que el NPS dijo "cuelgue su comida sobre una línea de ropa"; ¡los osos aprendieron rápidamente las cuerdas! Entonces, el NPS colocó postes de acero y un cable de manivela; los osos respondieron rápidamente al "¡ven y pásalo!", un fuerte chirrido del cable bajado, todas las noches. Así que NPS puso almohadillas de concreto y cajas de oso de acero con cierres de oso con tapa de acero con pestillos; ¡los principiantes y los no creyentes no sujetaban las tapas de acero y los osos tenían un banquete de adaptación todas las noches! Finalmente, probaron estos tamaños de básquetbol, ​​cilindros de comida súper caros y negros con cerradura de monedas; no podía pagarlos ni alquilarlos a bajo precio, así que eso evitó que muchas personas salieran de Backcountry con sus costosos alimentos liofilizados que ya no alimentarían a los hambrientos osos negros de Little Yosemite Valley. Precios desorbitados para comprar estos cilindros de plástico negro "requeridos", incluso en REI. Por favor, respete a los osos negros más salvajes que utilizan para escalar en el restaurante del hotel Valley / contenedores de comida rápida. ¡Cada noche en los años 70! ¡Los osos negros todavía comen la hierba temprana de primavera del Valle de Yosemite durante el día después de una larga hibernación y deben ser respetados y evitados! Especialmente un oso madre con cachorros! !

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Muy bien

Satyabrata Dam
New Delhi1.782 contribuciones
feb. de 2020 • En solitario
You reach this camping ground a mile after Nevada Falls, following along the Merced River. It's an excellent base if you want to hike up Half Dome. There's lots of camping places, bear lockers and toilet. It's surrounded by thick jungles.
Escrita el 10 de febrero de 2020
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Jennifer K
Kasson, MN156 contribuciones
jul. de 2019 • Familia
We stayed in Little Yosemite Campground for three nights. It was a little tricky at first to find a site with a bear box, but one couple was packing up and they said we could take over their site... The Merced River is a short walk for COLD water, and the campground had pit toilets! This was a plus for an almost 50 year old backpacker! We hiked from Glacier point to LYV and then hiked Half Dome on our second day while in the back country. This takes careful planning, as you have to apply for back country permits as well as permits to hike Half Dome... six months before you want to visit. The third day we were in the back country we plugged coordinates into our GPS and hiked to the Diving Board. Neither Half Dome or the Diving Board hikes are "walks in the park"... these were two very strenuous days of hiking. I'm glad I have accomplished these hikes, but they were tough. Everyone at the LYV campground was friendly and helpful if needed. On our first night at camp, a bear wandered by and that was fun to watch.
Before leaving for LYV we stayed in the "Backpackers campground" and I would NOT recommend this, unless it's a last resort. There wasn't one time it was checked on by any park employees, I know there were way more campers than sites, as well as people just pitching tents to sleep because the park was WAY overcrowded and every campground full. We needed to sleep because we were getting up early to catch a bus to get to Glacier Point AND had a 6.5 mile hike ahead of us with 30 pound backpacks. Everyone else in the campground ignored quiet hours and decided to party. We were dreading having to sleep there again on our return trip. (We splurged for a housekeeping cabin on a whim when we returned because they had one available at Curry Village.)
Our other stress about our entire experience with Yosemite is the amount of people vs not enough parking spots..... I don't know why when you want to hike in the back country you need to apply for a permit, they don't make you also apply for a permit to be in the park... we arrived IN the park at 7:30 in the morning and after two swings around the parking lot, we found ONE spot.... This took away from our excitement of visiting and hiking....Yosemite has free shuttle services to all their stops in the valley, however these too are a stressful event...... the lines are long, people budge in line, and there aren't enough buses to keep the amount of people moving. My suggestion... permits to visit the park and/or build a parking structure at Curry Village to accomodate all the cars that are being allowed into the park.
My one other item I noticed while visiting the park... we tried to take care of our entrance fee three different times and we were told that we'd show our pass on the way out of the park and it would be taken care of. This never happened... I'm wondering how much $$ the park is losing by not making sure people are paying the entrance fee.
Overall, this was an excellent vacation/memory for me and my family... just a few hiccups to overcome.
Escrita el 17 de julio de 2019
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Bolonia, Italia22.284 contribuciones
jun. de 2018 • Parejas
Una zona particolare che si raggiunge proseguendo oltre le nevada ma che richiede dei permessi, o almeno così abbiamo inteso parlando con altri escursionisti incontrati percorrendone un breve tratto che praticamente segue il fiume. Probabilmente zona riservata ad escursionisti esperti o comunque per chi ha molto tempo da dedicare al parco. Ma ne vale davvero la pena?
Escrita el 11 de febrero de 2019
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burlingame,Ca.106 contribuciones
may. de 2017 • En solitario
If you are "just passing thru" on your way to the Half Dome backside Summer cables handrails, you still should be careful with your food and possible litter.
Historically, since the early 70s when I first traversed it, LYV has been INFAMOUS for beginner backpackers having their food "raided" by many local black bears and having their trip ended early.
Working in the Curry Village Mtn. Shop, I can not tell you how common it was to sell supplies one day and see the same people back complaining about "bears who chewed thru our hanging rope!" and "baby bears sent up little trees to grab our hanging food bag from a branch!"
In 10 years of living working and backpacking in the park I never once had trouble with bears getting my food bag or Very Common, pulling down both sides of my smelly car doors at night to investigate in the Curry Village "apple orchard" parking lot, where I always secretly scattered red chili powder on both my car doors and around my car. Yes, some good luck probably.

I would avoid camping in LYV.

But I have even had friends loose backpacks full of food, daytime!, at illouette falls overlook on the Panorama Trail from Glacier Point to Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls! The bears in YNP have become use to yelling screaming pot-banging on food raids, like opera while eating! Maybe the rangers will let you carry and use pepper spray inside the park. I often surprised myself and bears on winding trails, so started whistling while walking and tying on a small bell in the back country.
I never hung my food near my tent. Never ever.

In LYV, the nightly bear show got so bad that the NPS said to "hang your food over a clothes line"; the bears quickly learned the ropes!
So the NPS put up steel poles and a hand crank cable; the bears quickly responded to the "come and get it!" loud squeaking of the cable being lowered, nightly. So NPS put in concrete pads and steel lidded bear coffin-size "bear boxes" with latches; beginners and nonbelievers didn't latch the steel lids and the bears had a Feast adapting, nightly! Finally, they tried these basketball size, super expensive, black food cylinders with coin slot locking; you couldn't afford them or rent them cheaply, so that kept many people out of the Backcountry with their expensive freeze dried food no longer going to feed the ravenous many black bears of Little Yosemite Valley! Outrageous prices to buy these "required" black plastic cylinder's, even at REI.

Please respect the most wild black bears who use to climb in the Valley hotel restaurant/fast food cafe dumpsters Every night back in the 1970s!

Black bears still eat the early Spring grass of Yosemite Valley daytime after long hibernation and should be respected and avoided! Especially a Mother bear with cubs!!
Escrita el 28 de abril de 2018
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