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Henderson Airport Residence Preguntas y respuestas

Pune, India

I am planning a trip to Sri Lanka and wish to get in touch with Alanka. Can anyone please let me know the email address of Alanka so I can write to him ? Thanks in advance.

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I know not any contact details at all, I just want to warn you here though..I reviewed this residence in August, you can see this review entitled An untimely stay under the Terrible section. I would draw your attention to the proprietor Alanka's response. I only to read the 1st part, where he says that I left him voicemails using foul language. This is a blatant lie. If you look at other guest responses to Anyone who dares mention a negative, you will find his replies are of a similar threatening nature. He ONLY aims for good ratings, he cares not if this means telling lies.

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