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Novi Vinodolski
Zagrebachka 1, Novi Vinodolski 51250 Croacia
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I'm glad to have found hotel KRUNA in Novi Vinodolski in the listings on Tripadvisor so I can finally share my experience from my latest holiday. I'd never been to Croatia before until this summer. Most of my friends and family have been million times as it is very popular destination between Slovaks. I live in London and have been to many places for holidays but somehow there was never a chance or time to visit Croatia. I heard a lot about amazing sea and nature and very welcome atmosphere. In fact people in Slovakia feel very much at home in Croatia because being it slavic country, the culture, language, etc are very similar. I got invited to Croatia by my sister and her family. They have been before and always went with the travel agency. Same as previous years they were staying in various apartments in Novi Vinodolski and coming to hotel KRUNA every morning and evening for meals. The hotel was praised so much for its hospitality, amazing fresh food and special personal touch by the male owner who used to go round and chat to guests and even treat them to croatian spirits after dinner! So with this on my mind I couldn't look forward to it all more. And the reality? I could have not been more disappointed in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! The sea, weather, apartments and Novi Vinodolski itself were amazing, beautiful, relaxed - just what you need on a nice quiet sun and sea holiday. BUT the hotel KRUNA experience really spoilt our holiday! We were dining there from 20/08/2001 to 27/08/2011. I did not see hotel rooms so can't say much about that. The hotel restaurant consisted of two rooms - one bigger and one smaller and it seemed to be sort of covered terrace. All the people from our trip (around 50 of us) were asked to come for breakfast between 7:30-8:30 and then for dinner between 18:00-19:00. We were informed it needs to be strictly these times as after us , it's time for hotel guests to have their meals. Apart from the fact I found it quite early to breakfast or in fact to dine as well, we didn't have a problem with that and were looking forward to their amazing food. So first day and first meal were a real wake-up call into reality!!!!! For breakfast they served two types of cereals (which I reckon were quite old), one type of disgusting ham, dry old white bread, then some sauces or spreads or whatever that was. Awful coffee and something what was supposed to be a juice but tasted nothing like it. That's it. Absolute lack of fresh fruit, yogurts or perhaps brown bread..? We were shocked! We didn't see the owner at all and the staff was very ignoring - just going around trying to pick up dirty dishes after guests who already left. We were trying to apologize them at that point thinking it's weekend and perhaps not easy to get an hold of fresh bread or fruit on Saturday.... At dinnertime we had a choice of one soup, two main meals with salad and very rarely there was thin piece of watermelon or an odd pancake for a pudding. There were no drinks or water served at the dinner - these were to be bought separately - BUT the waiters did not come even once in those 7 days to ask if we would like something. In fact this was a huge problem there and made the whole experience even worse - there was no welcome feel, no smiles, no hello or bye from staff - there wouldn't even look at us and were always just rushing around picking up dirty dishes looking fed up. When they did come to our table to pick up plates after we finished soup/main they did not ask even once how we enjoyed food or whether we needed anything. Me and my sister's family were regularly coming for our meals halfway through required time and that point all the food was almost gone. But no one was bringing any more and we had to ALWAYS asked to have more brought out! It was outrageous! The whole staff experience was absolutely awful awful and awful! We felt like we were bothering them all the time. We felt totally unwelcome and the whole feeling was like they were trying to get rid of us as quickly as possible! The food at dinnertime was tasty but the selection of meals felt very wintery - we had hot soups and quite heavy mains served with beetroot or pickled gherkin, carrot, cabbage salad. No fresh seasonal vegetables. My sister told me they used to have fish and fresh Mediterranean vegetables like aubergines or courgettes. They used to have music on while enjoying a lovely meal and the owner used to come to their tables and chat to them. How nice that sound! We got just a very unfriendly-looking female owner (we heard there was a change of owner) and very very unpleasant staff especially one tall thin bold waiter. Once at the breakfast I asked for fresh fruit and he seemed so shocked by my requirement that he had to go to the kitchen and asked. Then he came back and told me: "there are some apples". And then ho brought ONE cold apple on a tea plate! What was more shocking was the fact that there were hotel guests having breakfast and dinner after us and they were served completely different range of food! As we were leaving every morning at 8:30 they were already getting the buffet ready for next round of guests and all of the sudden there was plenty of fresh fruit (not only ONE apple!!), jams, honeys, yogurts, vegetables, eggs, etc......... Could you be more disappointing? We felt like the dogs which are fed with leftovers just because they kept bothering long enough!!!!!!! Our head of the trip complained and had a chat with hotel but nothing changed. The same unfriendliness, total lack of hospitality or at least good manners. I kept looking for a book of complaints but strangely could not see it anywhere in the hotel. Glad to be able to write a review here as more people will hopefully read it and change their mind about staying at this hotel! PLEASE if you think about staying in this hotel, think again - this is the worst treatment I've ever got in a hotel/restaurant in my entire life!!!!!!!!!! I travel a lot whether it's Britain, Europe or other continents but I have surely never experienced such horribly unpleasant staff anywhere!!!!! We won't ever come again and I'll advise anyone to stay away of this nightmare hotel!
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CroaciaNovi Vinodolski
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