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Akademie Street Boutique Hotel

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Reservamos una noche en este hotel recomendados por unos amigos que habían visitado Sudáfrica hacia unos años. Llegamos pasadas las 20 h. Al llegar uno de los empleados nos enseñó las instalaciones del hotelito y... me moría De la Peña de pensar que sólo podría disfrutarlo hasta
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Respuesta de AkaFhk, Manager en Akademie Street Boutique Hotel
Respondido el 6 dic. 2017
Hola, Susana, gracias por una buena reseña y estamos muy contentos de que hayas disfrutado tu tiempo con nosotros. Fue genial que pudieras pasar una noche extra con nosotros. Saludos cordiales, Declan y el equipo de Akademie.
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El hotel no es para nada lujoso, pero sin dudas es el mejor de la ciudad, la decoración es muy sencilla. A pesar de ser bastante rústico, destaco su limpieza siempre en excelente condiciones y la atención del personal
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Respuesta de AkaFhk, General Manager en Akademie Street Boutique Hotel
Respondido el 10 oct. 2015
Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para revisar su recienta estancia en Akademie Street. Estamos encantados de que haya disfrutado de su tiempo aqui y por favor nos visite soon. Kind respecta Declan y el equipo Akademie.
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Lo que una extraordinaria atención al detalle y el servicio en este encantador boutique hotel de servicio completo en el país de los vinos cerca de cape town, franschhoek, S. A. es un raro cuando un buen ojo el diseño se encuentra con un buen operador de bed & breakfast. Cuando
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Desde la llegada de Franschhoek a nuestra salida, nos hicieron sentir muy especial. Reservamos el Oortuiging para nosotros con nuestros amigos Uitsig originalmente alojarse en. Nuestra suite tenía han renovado recientemente para crear dos grandes suites que tuvimos el uso
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¡Una persiana de un hotel boutique. Nos alojamos en la Suite vreugde por 2 noches a principios de junio. . . . . Y no queríamos irnos! Declan es un anfitrión fantástico -como una cálida bienvenida y el nivel del servicio ofrecido por él y el equipo era insuperable. La suite era
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Hi, I trust you are well & thank you for your interest in Akademie St. Boutique Hotel. Our offer here is one of Bed & Breakfast only - we do not have a restaurant nor a bar, so sadly, we would not be able to provide you with the experience you seek. But thanks again for the query. Regards, Declan
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Hi there & thanks for your inquiry. Firstly, as regards us, at Akademie Street Boutique Hotel, we are actually closed for June & July for essential repairs & maintenance. Sorry about that! As I am sure you are aware, the Western Cape is currently experiencing the worst drought in living memory! ‘Day Zero’, the day the Cape will officially run out of mains water, has been brought forward from April 21 to April 12. Recently, authorities in Cape Town sadly have reiterated that Day Zero will definitely arrive & happen in Cape Town! We, in Franschhoek, whilst still adhering to the compulsory water restrictions are faring a little better than Cape Town! Hopefully we will not experience ‘day zero’ in Franschhoek. We are very lucky, with our location nestled amongst the mountains and hence have a plentiful supply of underground ‘bole hole’ water. Hence, everyone in Franschhoek, residential, commercial and in deed the local municipality, are currently drilling to avail of this precious resource! It is hoped that our entire area will be totally independent of the severely depleted dams & reservoirs by the end of March. We too, are planning to drill our own bore hole before the end of February, and whilst there are no guarantees, early surveys & indications are excellent! It is hoped that we will have sufficient water to service the entire Hotel! However, we too must adhere to the necessary compulsory water restrictions, in an attempt to save water and comply with the daily personal water allowance of 50 litres per day per person! Thankfully, to date, all our guests are in agreement that the various measures, listed below, have done little if anything to adversely impact upon their enjoyment of their stay with us! Long may it last! These include : Pools are not to be filled up – ours are currently operational, if a little low! All garden irrigation system have been switched off. The use of bath tubs are prohibited – guests are encouraged to have quick showers instead. Guest bed linen & towels are only changed every 2nd day. Guest personal laundry has been suspended. These are the likely restrictions that our guests are probably going to notice, but hopefully, are not going to find them particularly difficult to adhere to! We are obviously doing many other things behind the scenes to further save water, such as water harvesting, use of ‘grey water’ etc. Everything helps! Kind Regards, Declan
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Hi Michelle, It's Declan here from Akademie Street. Thanks for your enquiry. Hopefully, you will get some independent answers to your query, but let me just outline a few of the differences between Gelatenheid A & B. Both are similarly finished to the same high 5 star standards & in a similar style, but the ground floor - B is ever so slightly larger. It boasts a larger lounge area and has a kitchen. It also has it's own private external entrance & private parking bay. The big advantage with the upstairs suite, is obviously the balcony and of course the views! Whilst my own personal preference would be 'B' on the ground floor, early indications are that guests prefer the upstairs 'A' suite! But, as I say, hopefully, you will get some independent opinions. Kind Regards, Declan.
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Hi Stephan N, thanks for your enquiry. As Gordon E stated, our main communal pool is electrically heated and can be set accordingly. I normally set it at 25 degrees, so in summer time it is atleast at this temperature - indeed given our summers here, it will be many degrees higher than that! Whilst this pool is heated all year round, in winter time, it may not feel like it! Currently, our 3 private pools are not heated, which obviously is not an issue in summer time and we find that not many want to use outdoor pools in the winter. We are, however currently looking at the possibility of heating these pools too. Kind Regards, Declan
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Hi Jackie. My name is Declan and I am part of the new ownership team; there is only two of us. I am here on a day to day basis as we felt it important that we have an active presence over here. So I am over here full time for better or for worse. The obvious answer to your question, from someone in my position answering it, would be of course we are maybe even better. But of course that would be arrogant and I am not the right person to answer your question. We certainly hope we are and we certainly strive to be. We want to be even better, if that is possible. I suggest that you check out our recent reviews and listen to the best and most important views - our guests. Our aim, always was and remains not change anything, from the name, the management team,the staff,the ethos and the entire Offer. Thankfully we have managed this and the exact team is still in place, doing the same great job. We have forged a great friendship with Arthur and Katherine and they still very much advise us on how to maintain and even improve on this great Offer they have left us with. Even Anna the dog is still a regular visitor to Akademie Street, need I say any more! Why would we choose to change a winning formula! We only try to implement subtle changes to improve the guests overall experience. We believe we have. So in short, please check out our recent reviews on Tripadvisor and notice that from the very recent Tripadvisor awards we have managed to maintain Akademie Street's rightful position; actually improving in some of the categories. And of course we would be delighted to welcome you once again to Akademie Street and let you judge us for yourself. Regards Declan
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