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Krystal, Florida aún no tiene suficientes puntuaciones de la comida, el servicio, la relación calidad/precio o la atmósfera. ¡Sé de los primeros en escribir una opinión!


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Desayuno, Comidas, Cenas

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Famous Krystal
the famous krystal, which is small in size but not in flavor, contains a thin, 100% usda all-beef burger patty grilled to perfection and made more appetizing by krystals traditional toppings: diced onions, tasty mustard and a juicy dill pickle - all on a square, steamy bun. or in short - simple, small, square, delicious.
Double Krystal
the double krystal is krystals famous burger only double the burger, double the bun and double the toppings for twice the taste. served on krystals soft, square buns, the double krystal has two grilled, 100% usda all-beef burgers separated by a third slice of bun in the middle and topped with diced onions, mustard and two dill pickles on each individual burger patty.
Cheese Krystal
the cheese krystal is just what it sounds like - a cheesy version of the same savory burger that made krystal famous. krystal takes a slice of american cheese and melts it atop the 100% usda all-beef burger patty while still on the grill and then adds the traditional diced onion, mustard and dill pickle toppings. all that sandwiched between two square, buttery buns makes cheesy krystal perfection.
Double Cheese Krystal
krystals classic square hamburger stacked with two grilled, 100% usda all-beef burger patties and two slices of american cheese for two times the flavor. the double cheese krystal adds two of everything to not only double the burger, but also double the taste. the flavor is enhanced further with the krystal burger's traditional diced onions, mustard and dill pickle toppings placed on each individual cheeseburger patty.
Krystal Chik
a krystal favorite since its introduction in 1998, the krystal chik is made with 100% all-white, whole chicken breast filet covered in a crisp, lightly seasoned breading served with its traditional toppings of mayonnaise and dill pickles on a steamy, soft bun.
Chik Club
the krystal chik made "club style" by topping the 100% whole chicken breast filet with fresh lettuce, melted american cheese, crispy smithfield bacon, mayonnaise and tomato served on krystal's world-famous small, square bun.
Chik'n Bites (Large)
crispy bite-sized nuggets of tender, 100% all-white, whole chicken breast covered in a lightly seasoned breading with your choice of four ken's dipping sauces: buffalo, ranch, barbecue and honey mustard. available in small or large, krystal's chik'n bites are perfect for a snack or as part of any krystal combo meal.
Crispy Chicken Salad
the crispy chicken salad features a bed of crisp romaine lettuce topped with strips of krystal's 100% all-white, whole chicken breast filet, grated cheddar cheese and grape tomatoes served with your choice of salad dressing.
Original Big Angus Burger
the original big angus burger is krystals two-handed, 100% angus chuck burger served hot off the grill on a toasted bun made to order with your choice of seven krystal toppings: diced grape tomatoes, crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, chopped onions, dill pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise.
Double Big Angus Bacon Cheese Burger
made for real meat lovers, the double big angus burger with bacon and cheese is krystals bigger, big burger with two 100% angus chuck patties, two slices of american cheese, two strips of crispy smithfield bacon and anything else you want to add from krystals extensive list of premium toppings.
Bbq Bacon Big Angus Burger
a newer addition to krystal's big angus burger line-up, the bar-b-q, bacon big angus takes krystals original big angus and amps up the flavor by smothering the 100% angus chuck patty in a sweet and spicy bar-b-q sauce. krystal maximizes the burgers flavor with strips of thick and crispy smithfield bacon, a slice of american cheese, fresh lettuce, diced grape tomatoes, chopped onions and juicy dill pickles.
Chili Cheese Big Angus Burger
krystals chili cheese big angus is another great option for meat lovers with its large, 100% angus chuck burger topped with a generous portion of krystal's savory pup chili. the burger is made complete with melted, shredded cheddar cheese and a dollop of mustard to enhance flavor.
Plain Pup
the pup is a krystal-sized hot dog served on a soft, steamy bun with mustard and your choice of any of krystal's additional premium toppings - perfect for a snack or addition to any krystal combo meal.
Chili Pup
the famous chili pup comes made-to-order with krystal's savory, all-beef chili and your choice of mustard or any of krystal's quality ingredients on a small, tasty bun.
Chili Cheese Pup
krystal maximizes the pup's flavor with it's fully-loaded chili cheese pup served with krystal's all-beef chili and shredded cheddar cheese for big flavor packed on a krystal-sized bun.
Corn Pup
a no-mess, no-fuss treat, krystal's corn pup is the perfect blend of salty and sweet with its krystal-sized hot dog covered in a sweet cornbread-batter served on a stick. add a little mustard, and you've got a tasty snack that can be ordered by itself or in multiples.
Original Scrambler
the original scrambler was the first of krystal's full line-up of traditional plate breakfasts stacked smartly in a bowl. featuring a generous helping of homemade grits layered with scrambled eggs, a slice of american cheese and topped with mouth-watering jimmy dean sausage, the original scrambler is a no mess, no fuss option that can be enjoyed scrambled up or layer by layer. it's just perfect for guests on-the-go.
Low Carb Scrambler
a high-protein version of krystal's popular original scrambler stacked smartly in a bowl, the 4 carb scrambler serves up a delicious low-carb breakfast option with two freshly scrambled eggs, a slice of american cheese and a generous layer of crispy smithfield bacon.
Low Carb Scrambler (Sausage)
another high-protein variation of the original scrambler stacked smartly in a bowl is the 4 carb scrambler with sausage. it features a tasty low-carb breakfast option with two freshly scrambled eggs, a slice of american cheese and a layer of krystal's savory jimmy dean sausage patties.
Sausage Gravy Scrambler
krystal's line-up of traditional plate breakfasts stacked smartly in a bowl also includes the sausage gravy scrambler. a convenient way to enjoy biscuits and gravy with absolutely no mess, the sausage gravy scrambler combines two freshly scrambled eggs with a layer of rich, sausage sawmill gravy and is topped with a hot, buttery biscuit.
Pancake Scrambler
say goodbye to sticky fingers because with krystal's smartly stacked pancake scrambler, you never have to get syrup on your hands again. enjoy a sweet breakfast complete with freshly scrambled eggs, a perfectly-seasoned jimmy dean sausage patty and a layer of fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with rich, maple syrup.
the perfect side item to any krystal breakfast meal, the hashbrown kryspers are crispy, golden-brown strips of hashed potatoes that have the perfect amount of crunch with every bite.
a southern favorite, krystal's homemade grits are prepared from fresh-milled corn, served hot and topped with melted butter for that good-ole traditional taste like grandma used to make.
known by krystal lovers as one of the all-time greatest menu add-ons, krystal's zesty meat and bean chili is made from 100% all-beef and can be ordered as a meal of its own, as a side or as a topping to any krystal food item. we recommend krystal's chili cheese pup or the chili cheese big angus burger.
French Fries (Large)
square-cut, golden, crispy... these adjectives describe an american classic that krystal does right - french fries. made from the best hand-selected potatoes, krystal's french fries are available in small, medium and large sizes and are served in a convenient, no-spill cup made to fit perfectly in the cup holder of your car. simply genius - don't you think!
Chili Cheese Fries
what's better than an order of good-ole french fries? chili-cheese fries of course! and, krystal's got you covered - literally. spice up your regular order by smothering krystal's crispy, golden fries with a layer of famous krystal meat chili and melted shredded cheddar cheese. now that's how you top off a meal at krystal!
Ranch Chili Cheese Fries
if you think krystal's chili cheese fries are good - try maxing out the flavor by adding a little something extra. krystal's ranch chili cheese fries feature the same great crunchy french fries covered in krystal's famous meat chili and melted, cheddar cheese, but also includes a layer of tangy ranch dressing drizzled over the fries to your liking. can you say yum?
Side Salad
krystal's side salad is the perfect item to round-out a light meal option. featuring a mix of crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese, the salad is made complete with your choice of krystal's t. marz etti's premium gourmet dressings. options include: ranch, honey mustard, honey french or light italian.
Sweet Bites
a new addition to krystal's menu, the sweet bites are little donut-hole like bites with a soft inner pastry surrounded by a crispy breaded coating with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. the crispy shell creates a unique crunch/soft bite combination that leaves you wanting more and more. available anytime of day, sweet bites come in a six or 12-count order.
Apple Turnover
a traditional southern-style dessert, krystal's apple turnover rivals even the best homemade apple pie. with its fresh cooked apples smothered in a rich, warm cinnamon sauce covered in a crispy, crunchy outer crust, its a sweet and delicious treat that even grandma can appreciate.
Lemon Pie
if you're looking for a light and refreshing way to top off your tasty krystal meal, try a slice of krystal's cool lemon pie with a creme meringue topping, garnished with vanilla wafers.
Smokin' Bbq Wings
robust, memphis-style barbecue flavor delivers the perfect balance of sweet and hot on the meatiest, juiciest wings in the game.
Hot' N Wild Wings
the very definition of the "game time" wings experience, our hot'n wild wings deliver an awesome combination of explosive flavors on the meatiest, juiciest wings in the game.
Zingin' Buffalo Wings
we put our own "zing" on the original new-york-style buffalo taste that started it all. one taste of our meaty, juicy wings and you'll be yelling, "game time."
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Opinión escrita el 12 de noviembre de 2018

Este restaurante está sucio. La propiedad no solo se está desmoronando, sino que también parecía que los pisos no se habían fregado en meses. El olor de los baños era horrible, incluso con las puertas cerradas, el olor estaba en el área del vestíbulo. Había...basura por todo el mostrador de preparación. El bote de basura interno no tenía forro y no se había vaciado. La joven detrás del mostrador recogió algo de comida que había caído del suelo y luego embolsó mi pedido sin lavarse las manos. Puse mi pedido en un bote de basura afuera.Más

Fecha de la visita: noviembre de 2018
Opinión escrita el 24 de octubre de 2018 mediante dispositivo móvil

Este lugar se encuentra en un área difícil, pero el servicio al cliente también tiene que ser difícil para los clientes que pagan. Mi tiempo de espera fue pésimo porque otros clientes me dicen "siempre es malo. "Parece que esta era la norma y a...los trabajadores simplemente no les importó, ya que el vestíbulo se llenó aún más y los autos se arrollaron alrededor del edificio esta mañana de lunes a viernes. Hacía tanto calor en el restaurante, ya que literalmente sentí que esto es bastante inusual para un negocio. Una vez más, me dijeron que "siempre hace calor aquí. "Gerente principal o propietario, venga a ver su restaurante y sea un cliente, debe hacer un cambio para los clientes que sí cuidan y tener la opción de ir a otro Krystal. Mejor aún, vaya por la calle que se está despertando muy lejos de Hardee.Más

Fecha de la visita: octubre de 2018
Opinión escrita el 30 de julio de 2018 mediante dispositivo móvil

De hecho, visitamos 2 Krystals diferentes durante las vacaciones. Nunca tengo quejas sobre Krystals. . . puedes ver que soy un gran fan jajaja

Fecha de la visita: julio de 2018
Opinión escrita el 7 de julio de 2017 mediante dispositivo móvil

Estábamos viajando de FL A NC y parado por aquí. El restaurante es agradable y limpio. Trell, la cajera era muy agradable y paciente como intentamos averiguar qué comer. Estoy de acuerdo en que la comida es un poco caro comparado con otros lugares, especialmente...si agregar queso a las hamburguesas. Sin embargo, la comida estaba caliente y sabrosa, así que no me puedo quejar esta vez.Más

Fecha de la visita: julio de 2017
Opinión escrita el 22 de febrero de 2013

Me encanta hamburguesas Krystal porque son muy distinto a hamburguesas normales. Si son frescas y no recocido es la mejor hamburguesa del mundo. Sin embargo, el precio ha conseguido de mano. No importa lo bueno que son realmente no vale la pena el precio aumenta....Nos costó más que conseguir un menú completo y si no tienes suficiente para satisfacer entonces ¿por qué se molestan. Hay menús de valor en Mcdonalds y puedo conseguir una hamburguesa que llena mi mano y mi estómago por menos dinero. También se pierda este batidos de chocolate ... gran error deshacerse de eso, pero siempre me encanta Krystal ... no puedo permitir comer allí.Más

Fecha de la visita: abril de 2012
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