Bad experience in Poland

Beware of Europcar in Poland. I chose them because they gave me more confidence to be a known company, nothing could be further from the truth. Already at the time of picking up the car, when we checked it with the agent we saw that it had more damage than the card indicated. We had to take pictures of everything. Then at the time of delivery in Warsaw they tell you the address of a hotel and the office hours. When you arrive neither office nor anything, you have to hand over the keys at the reception and nobody is there to check the condition of the car. Still we took pictures again just in case. Our surprise is that after a few days they write us to claim some small scratches on the side in the lower part of the car, which even looked like they were remains like paint or something. I think even giving him a wet cloth disappeared. At no time did we hit him or feel as if he had touched to produce those scratches. To top it off I spend a budget of almost € 800, the last straw. Poland is much cheaper than Spain and that repair in Spain would not have reached 100 €. They still claim the amount and I do not pay any attention to their requirements. The bond did not make it effective, they would miss the deadline, I don't know. I hope you dismiss your request because we will not give in to your blackmails to take the matter to trial and I have already told you that I plan to write negative opinions in all forums.