Borromeo Hotel Rome

I would like to share my experience in this hotel Borromeo in Rome, we brought us this hotel bed bugs, there was a poor care. We didn't have any response to certain cuts of light with high temperatures, we are left without air conditioning, with a high temperature of 36 ° c.

We had a lot of expenses in cash since we threw our bed frames, furniture, paintings and other things... when we returned from vacation, since these bugs came into our suitcases and infected around our House. He spent much also on fumigations and we should change all over my house wood floor because this pest was staying in it, also in other furniture, paintings and walls. This plague came from the hotel

My family, they stung during all the holidays. These insects we chipped away while we slept at the hotel Borromeo. This type of sting seemed several WaSP hives all over the body.

Everything you spend on buying for the home and to be able to exterminate this pest was a fortune in time and money. Achieve to eliminate this scourge took us almost 2 years. This problem we much worsened since after each fumigation carried out we go House to a hotel because that was very toxic and strong pesticide.

This problem of exterminating the bed bugs plague us worsened since my daughter is highly allergic, had breathing problems.