Uber Bad Choice!!

Ordered Uber got accepted,driver in 5 minutes

Only he arrives closer to 15 minutes

Ok it was light traffic and midpm


He Parks! Does not get out of the car to help me!

Doesn't confirm the address for my friend. Just speeds off in the wrong direction.

I Kno w should be more assertive. But are they supposed to be locals and professional?

He had the address, finally, I had it. I recognized a area I just pasted on the bus. This isTrebol you are driving in the wrong direction. We had gone 14 minutes. So he turns around drives back North. Okay,we are going past MacDonald's 5 blocks turn right to 27A. He drives right on by,arrives at 28, turns right says,we will go back. Again misses the street!!! Again,we go around,then he turns left instead of right. Asks me what is the address!

He then proceeds to charge me more than double the initial charge. It is now almost one hour in the heat of the day. No AC windows open!

Then he tells my friend from the driver seat pay me!

No courtesy,he ignored me!

Everyone on the street heard and saw this.

I'll mannered person! It was embarrassing!

It was nicer on the Transmetro bus!

That all the trip advisors say to not take!!