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abuso de autoridad en Singapor

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abuso de autoridad en Singapor


On 29 June from a flight from Taipei with a stop in Manila, arriving at Singapore Terminal 2 at 23:55

Arriving on the 30th at 00:15 to the checkpoint the following events happened:

When I arrived at the airport, the policemen asked me the usual questions. I told them that I came to visit my girlfriend (Taiwanese with a work permit) and to study Chinese, I also tell her that in Spain . I show he the plane ticket on the mobile departure September 27 to Kuala Lumpur, he send me to another larger immigration desk and I say the same to another person, then the person next to this asks the same thing again, when teaching him the mobile with the Plane ticket, she takes my cell phone and starts looking at my personal information and whatsapps without my permission, when I realize that she is looking at my whatsapps I try to get my cell phone the officer in charge threatened me and he became violent screaming at me, They give me my cell phone after 30 minutes, I was sent to a room inside, from then this officer goes towards my lacking respect and shouting to me

They make me some photos with my measurements and take all the fingerprints of my fingers, nobody explains anything to me

They not allow me go to the bathroom

I ask the name of the person who registered my cell phone without my permission, and the officer who shouts at me, if they refuse to give it to me

In the mobile they read messages that it taught Spanish to 3 people,

I ask the officer to talk to him to explain my situation and they refuse to listen to me, I want to say that I do not work as a Spanish teacher, I do it voluntarily and some parents give me money, or they give me money for giving them books, but they refuse To listen to my explanation

I ask them to inform me of my situation, they do not tell me anything

At two o'clock they take me to another place without telling me anything, I ask permission to call my girlfriend who was waiting for me at the airport, she refuses, they tell me that later, they confiscate my things without explaining anything to me, and they put me in a room With other people who do not let them enter the country,

They tell me that they deport me to the place of origin manila, I ask them to telephone but they deny me

At 9:30 an hour before the flight ,they give my things and take me to the flight to Manila, do not let me use the cell phone until arriving at the waiting room 20 minutes before the flight leaves, I realize that they have filled my details by writing that I am Filipino

I have been treated like a criminal, I have never been informed of my situation or the reasons, they refused to give me complaint sheets and the names of the people in charge, the identification number of the policemen, confiscated my things, I have Removed the mobile and searched in my personal data, I have been shouted and threatened, I was not allowed to go to the service, I have not been informed of a case or what happened to me, just before getting on the plane, I have been scratched Passport, they have filled in my information wrong saying that I am Filipino ....

I considered one that they have disrespected me and have not respected my rights, without giving me any explanation of why they treated me like this,look in my phone conversations photos email without my permission, denying me the identification number of the police, and with a deal denigrating, a lousy police service,

after 3 months they answer to my complaint is that your police acted well, no one has explained anything, nor given me any reason why I can not enter your country or if I have done something illegal, refuse to give me number of identificaion of the police that took the cell without my permission and threatened me,

I have only been recivied automatic computer generated answers

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