alquiler de automovil en croacia por Fleet Car Rental

with Fleet Rent a Car I had a very bad experience. I have been cheated. Rent the car in Zagreb where with the man who gave me the car keys we controled the damagge that the car had prior to the rental. He did not check the lower part of the left bumper that looks to the ground. He wrote down all the events that he observed and when I arrived to Fleet Rent a Car office in Split, the person who checked the car observed a small damagge on the bottom of that bumper, left side. I had insurance against all risks contracted with At Fleet car Rental charged me even though I objected since I was only on the highway, I did not have any blows. The excuse was that I bought the insurance with and not with them, and then I had to pay them and try that return me back the money. I paid for an event that did not occur 1200 Kn + 478.13 per rights for the event (which never happened) which is equivalent to Euros 225. A SCAM. If any of you want not to be scammed, do not ever rent with Fleet Car Rental. They are delincuents.. Never with any car rental company did something similar happen to me.