Kruger NP - early March (weather and malaria)


I am visiting Kruger NP early March (1-11 March) and I have some questions:

- as I read is the end of rainy season. Should I expect too much rain? And what about the temperatures? Is ok for stay in Safari tents (CTT)?

- as I read i Sanparks web, as of late September 2017 have been noticed an increase in the amount of Malaria diagnoses in Kruger National Park. This is quite worrying, so, in early March is expected to be a lot of mosquitoes?

- I visited Kruger 1st week of last September (winter dry season). The land was very dry and vegetation pretty scarce. This was suposed to be good for sightings but it was very hot (about 30ºC) and the animals were hidden... Does anyone know how is currently the situation about this? I have read that the drought is over (fortunately) and this rainy season it has rained a lot. Is the vegetation too much thick for sightings?