Green Motion Rental car!!Horrible experience!!! Fraud!!!!!!

We rent a car with Green Motion in Tivat Airport (Montenegro) this summer. As we always do in our holidays, we decided to contract an insurance for the car with the same rental company, more precisely, we bought an insurance package that reduced our liability to zero. We always buy that kind of insurance in order not to have problems at the drop off process if the car has some parking scratches (as it stays outside overnight). With that kind of insurance (at least ANYWHERE IN EUROPE WE HAVE BEEN BEFORE) there is no need to make any deposit or take pictures of the state of the vehicle and it speeds everything up as well.

Well, at the end of the holidays the car drop off process was everything but quick. First of all, the guys at the desk, to our surprise, started checking the car in spite of the fully comprehensive insurance we have contracted. That does not happen with that kind of insurances with AVIS, HERTZ or any other serious companies. They found a few little scratches in the car and claimed we had to pay for the reparation as they were longer than 5 cm and we didn’t have any police report. ¿¿????? What kind of a fully comprehensive insurance doesn´t cover that????? We remarked that we had a fully comprehensive insurance and that WE DID NOT HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS WITH ANOTHER CAR to be able to have any police report and we kindly said so, but the guys made an instant retention of 700 € in our bank account (now it is already a real charge). They even suggested us to make a false statement to the Montenegro Police so that they didn´t ask for the reparation money!!!!

So with GREEN MOTION you pay for a fully comprehensive insurance (that doesn´t exist/apply in the end) and then for the reparation of the car too. And they estimate any kind of reparations of a cost of 700 €!!!!! Nice way to earn money!!! What a FRAUD GREEN MOTION!!!!!!!

They did not have a Claim Sheet either!!!!!!!