When traveling, our nationality is an important factor, we can not deny it and one of the moments in which we can give more faith of it is at breakfast time. Each country enjoys its own tradition for the most important meal of the day, and one of the greatest pleasures of traveling is precisely experiencing the breakfasts of the countries you visit all over the world. Keep reading for a few small examples of traditional breakfasts in 10 interesting destinations around the world.

Kaya eggs and toast in Singapore

There are few things that can be cheap in the most expensive city in the world, but breakfast is one of them. It is a simple dish that will be familiar to most Westerners: eggs and toast, but with local nuances. To start the day as a Singaporean, those eggs need to be simmered and the toast will be best smeared with kaya jam, a kind of coconut custard. Add some soy sauce to the eggs and pair everything with a kopi (black coffee) and the day will be starting well, for sure. Chains throughout the city offer this basic breakfast , such as Killiney Kopitiam or Ya Kun Kaya Toast , but it’s okay to look for traditional places like Tong House .

Chilaquiles in Mexico City

This ingenious blend has helped many to get up with more energy, and is also known to kill the raw (hangover). Dry tortillas are sautéed with green sauce and a little fresh cream, topped with fried eggs, fresh cheese and with additives such as onion, avocado, meat and sometimes radish. The result is a salty, tasty, nice and somewhat crispy dish that is typical of the whole country. They are available all over Mexico City, from take away windows such as La Ventanita in the fashionable Roma Norte area, inexpensive places like Café El Popular in the center of the city and places for high budgets like Eno in the Polanco area.

Double breakfast in Marrakech

Son varios los desayunos típicos de Marruecos. Uno es más semejante al típico desayuno francés, con una baguette tostada, zumo, y café, gracias al pasado colonial del país. La otra está más basada en la cultura marroquí y ¡se disfruta dos veces! El día empieza con un té de menta y hacha (como una mezcla entre un muffin y tortitas) servido con varias mermeladas y aderezos como el amlou, hecho a partir del aceite de argan, almendras tostadas y miel. Un par de horas más tarde le acompaña más té y café y platos como la bissara, una sopa de habas deshidratadas que es la favorita durante los meses de frío. Puedes encontrar la mejor Bissara en los callejones estrechos y plazas antiguas de la ciudad de la medina.

Desayuno irlandés en Dublín

In the cold and humid  Dublin , breakfast is the best way to combat the cold (or perhaps also the effects of some Jamesons too). This breakfast is consistent and consists of at least fried eggs, bacon and sausage, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast and cooked beans. Some restaurants add morcilla and liver in a scrambled. The north area of ​​Liffey River, just east of Four Courts has a particular mix of bars, cafes and shops. For a typically Irish breakfast, it is best to avoid the more modern, organic and handcrafted venues, and perhaps go to the typical pubs. Gerry’s , one block from St. Stephen’s Green, is as humble as it looks and its fame is seen at breakfast.

Vacation Specials 

The inhabitants of Bombay have perfected the quick and hot breakfast in a small, carbohydrate-packed set known as the Vada Pav. This fried potato fritter is wrapped in a thin roll of flour and is seasoned with chutney or sweet and spicy sauces. Combine it with a dairy called chai and a sambar dish (a type of sauce) for the full effect. It is available in many street stands and dhabas throughout Bombay.

A quick breakfast in Madrid 

Breakfast is a fast thing in  Madrid . The options include bread with tomato (in addition to being able to add garlic, onion, and of course olive oil) or pastry like the Neapolitan or croissants. There are cafes and bakeries in each neighborhood that prepare these breakfasts, which are usually taken with coffee and natural orange juice. Someone will be hungry, but prices are more affordable than European standards, so if you want to repeat, a second round will not make much dent in your pocket.

Vegemite in Sydney 

Australians like to put funny names on things, for example, ask any Australian what ” budgie smuggle r” means. So there is nothing unusual about breakfast being referred to as ” brekkie “. The brekkie in  Sydney  will be familiar to most Americans, as it includes foods such as eggs and potatoes. However, one thing that Australians enjoy is Vegemite. It is brown and smeared, but not made for everyone (it is bitter, salty and leaves the tongue dry). Australians smear it on bread with a little butter and they love it. Wisdom says the key is to grease a thin layer of Vegemite, otherwise this paste leaves your taste buds saturated. Anyway,

Jok or coconut pancakes in Bangkok 

As with all Thai dishes, the choices are limitless when choosing a typical breakfast in the area. Everything serves as breakfast in the chaotic capital of Thailand, from steak skewers, sautéed to soups. For a quick breakfast, kanom krok is a cross between a pancake and pudding, made with rice flour and coconut cream. If you pair it with the dense and sweet Thai coffee, your day will be starting with a good kick of energy. For a salty breakfast, look for jok, a type of thai rice, or rice porridge. This is Thai food at its best, served with pork, egg, ginger and chives. You can find it in almost any market in the city.

Half Moons in Buenos Aires 

Having breakfast in the extensive city of Buenos Aires can be an adventure . To be sure, those who are looking for organic oatmeal rolls with chia seeds and goji berries, will find them in the most fashionable neighborhood, Palermo, where there are three super chic restaurants that serve it. However, to start the day in the old fashioned way, it is time to recharge carbohydrates. The croissants with a classic of the city (they seem smaller in the photo, they are a few dense croissants that can be sweet or salty). For a complete experience, they usually come with toast, ham, juice, and coffee. Breakfasts like this are usually available in almost any classic cafe in the city, but the best ones are in the older neighborhoods,

Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam 

Known as pannenkoeken, Dutch pancakes are eaten at any time of day, and why not spend at least a day eating only pancakes. They can be sweet or salty. This pancake-like dish can be mixed with almost anything, but the apple, cinnamon and sugar mix is ​​unrivaled. To try the best (and most diverse) of the city, go to Pancakes! Amsterdam, whose name and popularity tell you everything you need to know.