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Desde abr 2012

hombre de 35-49 años

Girona, España

Due to my work I now split my living between Leeds (England) and Girona (Catalunya, Spain). Before moving to the latter, my wife and I visited the area a number of times on holiday and house hunting so we have been both tourist and resident here. As many bars and restaurants change staff etc season by season, and many people visit just for 2-3 days, I wanted to make sure people enjoyed their stay as much as possible. Like most cities, there are typical tourist rip off places, meals not worth the money and some attractions are worth visiting more than others. Overall though if you plan properly and go to the right places you will be richly rewarded and will come back time, and time, again. In fact, you can’t visit every good bar and restaurant here in just 2-3 days so you will have to come back! To help with that, I decided to provide reviews on Trip Advisor, supplying honest opinions on a city that loves the tourist, isn't over supplied with them (and wants to stay that way) and is a perfect city break. I will also comment on places we visit nearby, on the Costa Brava coast and the fabulous city of Barcelona.
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