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Desde ene 2007

hombre de 50-64 años

Nueva York, estado de Nueva York

I am interested in destination and discovering a place, its environs, its people, what makes it tick. Accommodations are about where I lay my head. I rarely spend time on the peripherals: spas, jacuzzis, pampering, etc. I live in NYC. I can go down the street for that. I rarely stay in my room except to rest and reenergize for the next day. I do have my limits while traveling on a budget. I want price and quality to be appropriate. Broken items, bad service and flaws that compromise down time and sleep need to have a spotlight on them. Conversely, when things are right or a surprising quality emerges, that should be mentioned as well. I love sightseeing on my own terms and speed, no groups or tours. I find peace and solace in nature, in observing its miracles and struggles and in people I have never seen or met before. I see each trip as a chance to learn, to better inform myself of the world beyond my own. For more about me visit www.larrygleason.com.
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