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Desde ago. de 2010

hombre de 50-64 años

Bartlett, Illinois

My family of 4 (2 teenage boys) love Alaska, and have done 6 vacations there in the last 7 years. It was a "bucket list" destination originally, but we found it even beyond our expectations. That, combined with the sheer size and variety of things to do sort of made the 49th state our annual "ritual". We are very independent travelers, prefering to make our own itinerary and staying in cabins vs. taking pre-packaged tours and staying in cramped hotel rooms. We spend 2 weeks there every year, so we have time to explore dirt roads and try things most who are on a schedule simply can't due to time. We also like having a kitchen so that every meal isn't dependent on finding a restaurant (it also is more convenient and cost efficient for us). Our experiences in Alaska have been nothing short of amazing, and we love to share our stories and encourage people to visit. It is a truly special place.
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