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Desde abr 2007

mujer de 50-64 años


We both work extremely hard have a job that there are not enough hours in the day so like to relax in the sun a couple of times a year. I love to read so a good book and a sunny spot is where you will usually find me while husband checks out the golf courses sometime I will really annoy him and go drive the cart and do a little putting. I couldn't play because when I hit the ball I can never see where it's gone which I believe is imperative. We usually try a European destination in early summer but go the Florida for 3 weeks in September. This year we are trying Egypt heard its pretty good. (If anyone has been recently to the Domina Casino Sultan I would like to read something positive before I book it. What I have just read doesn't actually inspire, although the tour operator says that its a good chain and a good hotel.) Take care folks.
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