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Desde dic 2010

hombre de 50-64 años

Bothell, Washington

I like to travel to sunny places (hopefully using my passport) with my wife. We like to see the sights, see cultural and historical sites. The beach, ocean, and hiking trails are very good places to run into us when we are on vacation. Our most recent happy getaways were to Cancun Mexico and Ambergris Caye Belize in 2011. Speaking of Ambergris Caye-if you want to just "kick back" this is the place to be (this island is 27 miles long and 7 miles wide where the form of transportation is the golf cart and the people are so friendly to foreigners). We enjoyed the place so much we bought property on the island. We plan on visiting Europe and Brazil in the next 5 yrs (starting in 2013) where the beach and ocean won't be the priority; rather the sightseeing and culture of that country and being amongst the locals will be very enjoyable for us.
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